What is the anticodon of CUG?

For example, the codon CUG in mRNA is complementary to the anticodon GAC in the tRNA that carries leucine and will result in adding the amino acid leucine to the polypeptide chain.

What is the tRNA for CUG?

In other words, they have two different tRNAs capable of reading CUG: a tRNALeu and a tRNASer. To our knowledge, there is no precedent for a genome that naturally produces competing tRNAs that read the same codon but insert different amino acids.

What is CCA anticodon?

Anticodon is the specific triplet sequence present in tRNA, which recognises the codon present in mRNA and carries the specific amino acid at the time of protein synthesis. The anticodon for CCA is GGU. CCA codon codes for proline amino acids in polypeptide chains.

What is the anticodon for AAA?

Since AAA is the sequence of anticodon on tRNA, option B is the correct answer. Option C TTT : The template DNA has AAA, will get transcribed into UUU and not TTT, since it is mRNA. After that, the tRNA will have the anticodon sequence of AAA.

What is the function of the anticodon?

Anticodons are found on molecules of tRNA. Their function is to base pair with the codon on a strand of mRNA during translation. This action ensures that the correct amino acid will be added to the growing polypeptide chain. A tRNA molecule will enter the ribosome bound to an amino acid.

What amino acid is Guu?


Amino acids Symbols Codons
Threonine Thr ACA, ACC, ACG, ACU
Valine Val GUA, GUC, GUG, GUU
Tryptophan Trp UGG
Tyrosine Tyr UAC UAU

What does CUG code for?

The CUG codon is mainly translated as serine but can also be translated as leucine. Leucine and serine are two biochemically distinct amino acids, hydrophobic and hydrophilic, respectively. The increased rate of leucine incorporation at CUG decoding triggers C.

What does Aug code for?

The AUG codon, in addition to coding for methionine, is found at the beginning of every mRNA and indicates the start of a protein. Methionine and tryptophan are the only two amino acids that are coded for by just a single codon (AUG and UGG, respectively).

What is the anticodon of Aug?

The AUG start codon signals the ribosome to place in the amino acid methionine because the tRNA that has methionine attached to it has the anticodon sequence UAC.

What is the purpose of an anticodon quizlet?

An anticodon is a unit of 3 nucleotides that are complementary to a mRNA codon. Anticodon identify which tRNA binds to which mRNA; in total, it determines which amino acid is added to the polypeptide.

What does codon mean in biology?

Codon. =. A codon is a trinucleotide sequence of DNA or RNA that corresponds to a specific amino acid.

What is an anticodon in biology?

An anticodon is a trinucleotide sequence complementary to that of a corresponding codon in a messenger RNA (mRNA) sequence. An anticodon is found at one end of a transfer RNA (tRNA) molecule.

What is the stop codon for amino acids?

stop codon definition: The stop codon is the codon that gives end signals to terminate protein synthesis. In 64 combinations of three bases, 61 specify an amino acid, while remaining three combinations are stop codons. These three codons are UUA, UAG, and UGA.

Which codons are found in gag and CCT?

If we read from the second position (or frame), it contains the codons GAG and CCT. If read by third position (or frame), it contains AGC and CTC codons.