What is the best revision website?

Seven of the Best Free Online Revision Tools

  1. Flashcard apps and Quizzlet. Save paper and the pain of trying to decipher your handwriting with a flashcard app.
  2. BBC Bitesize.
  3. Revision planning apps.
  4. Khan Academy.
  5. Spark Notes.
  6. S-Cool.
  7. BBC Brain Smart.

What is the best website for GCSE science?

Best Websites for Revision:

  • BBC Bitesize has a variety of interactive notes and tests.
  • Seneca, that’s us!
  • Tutor2u has partnered with teachers & schools to share their best materials.
  • GoConqr lets you make flashcard, mind-maps, and slide decks.
  • Quizlet is a different website that allows you to make flashcards.

Is RS a good GCSE to take?

In practice RS is a good subject for getting year 10/11 pupils thinking. If a pupil has a lack of academic subjects then taking History over RS would probably be a better bet just because there is a lingering feeling that it is taken by pupils who are looking for a soft option – not saying for one minute it is true.

Is Gojimo free?

Gojimo Revision is the free app that helps you pass exams. Access over 40,000 practice questions for free. Gojimo allows you to: Download quizzes for offline use.

How do I use Seneca revision?

For more tips on revising check out our Ultimate GCSE & A-Level Revision Guide.

  1. Create Your Revision Timetable.
  2. Find the Right Environment to Revise.
  3. Revise on Seneca Learning.
  4. Start in the Morning.
  5. Write Summary Notes.
  6. Take Short Breaks to Exercise.
  7. Practice Plenty of Past Papers.
  8. Teach Your Friends or Classmates.

Is my GCSE science worth it?

I used MyGCSEScience when it was free and I can say that it was absolutely worth it! It is a lot of money to spend but he really gets you to understand the point, I wish it was still free but he works way too hard to not receive anything in return.

What is Rs GCSE?

Our GCSE Religious Studies specification provides opportunities for learners to follow a course that is coherent and that balances knowledge of core beliefs, teachings and practices of at least two religions, with an understanding of how they can be applied to philosophical and ethical themes.

Is GCSE Religious Studies Easy?

GCSE Religious Studies has a pass rate of 71.9% as of August 2018. This is a high pass rate for a GCSE, and there are a few reasons as to why it’s so high. The main reason GCSE Religious Studies is so easy is because it’s mainly opinion based.

What are the best GCSE revision sites?

What follows is a top ten run down on the best GCSE revision sites out there. 1. BBC GCSE Bitesize – www.bbc.co.uk/gcsebitesize Easily claiming the number one spot on our run down in the Beeb’s GCSE Bitesize, a stupendous resource that offers anything and everything anyone faced with the arduous task of revising could possibly wish for.

How should I Revise for my GCSE RS exam?

How should you revise for your GCSE RS exam? Trying the #1 Free Religious Studies Revision Tool used by 2,500,000 GCSE Students, as well as doing past papers would be a good start! Prepare for your Religious Studies exam by revising 2x faster than using revision guides.

What was revision like before GCES became GCSEs?

For anyone who can remember the sepia-tinted times before GCEs became GCSEs, revision using meant spending lonely hours in one’s bedroom, pouring over dusty tomes, slowly losing the will to live.

Who writes the GCSE re exams?

All the content for your GCSE RE exams is written by senior examiners and we have content for AQA and Edexcel covering Judaism, Christianity, Islam and much more – it’s all covered with interactive GIFs, videos, practice questions, and animations. Revise RS Now!