What is the best time to do the Harbour Bridge Climb?

If you’re looking to do the BridgeClimb, you may be wondering when the best time to Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge is. The short answer is any time. What makes the Bridge so amazing is that you are always guaranteed a magnificent view of the city, the harbour and its surroundings at all times of the day.

Is the Harbour Bridge Climb hard?

The reason most people do this fearless act is that the thrill is worth every step you take. The 3.5 hours of climbing to the summit of the bridge is certainly not easy, but however not the most difficult. Anyone who is above the age of 8, fit enough and willing to take this adventure is allowed to climb.

How high is Sydney Bridge Climb?

No matter which Climb experience you choose, you’ll find yourself standing at 134 metres above sea level, nestled in the heart of Sydney Harbour for an uninterrupted panorama of Sydney city and its surrounds.

Is it possible to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour bridge?

The climb is not that strenuous There are also plenty of stops where you take a breather and listen to your guide tell you about the Bridge. The only part of the climb where the steps get steep is at the very end, as you ascend to the summit. Supposedly there are 1,002 steps, but it didn’t feel like it.

Is Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb scary?

Yes, the scariest part of the Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb that takes you some 134 metres to the top of the 84 year old span, is the flat bit at the beginning.

How many steps is the Harbour Bridge Climb?

2. It takes 1,332 steps to reach the top of the Summit, which is equivalent to 504 calories. 3. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the world’s largest steel arch bridge, totalling 1,149 metres.

Do people jump off Sydney Harbour bridge?

The first and second persons to commit suicide off the Sydney Harbour bridge were thought to happened in quick succession. 25 Apr 1932. William James Lewis jumped to his death on Sunday 24 Apr 1932. He was 49 years of age, and an Imperial Service Pensioner with no relatives in Sydney at the time.