What is the CPT code for medial cuneiform osteotomy?

We retrospectively reviewed the radiographic and clinical records of 14 consecutive patients (16 feet), 2 male and 12 female, who had symptomatic hallux valgus, associated metatarsus primus varus, and medial first TMT obliquity who underwent medial cuneiform opening-wedge osteotomy (CPT 28304) fixed with a low-profile …

What is Cotton osteotomy?

The Cotton Osteotomy Procedure This surgical procedure helps to create an arch in the foot. It is commonly performed to help correct the condition of pes planus (commonly called flat foot or fallen arch). A Cotton osteotomy can change the shape of your foot, giving it a more normal appearance.

What is procedure code 28300?

CPT® 28300, Under Repair, Revision, and/or Reconstruction Procedures on the Foot and Toes. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 28300 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Repair, Revision, and/or Reconstruction Procedures on the Foot and Toes.

What is medial cuneiform osteotomy?

A medial cuneiform plantarflexion opening wedge osteotomy, also referred to as Cotton osteotomy, is used to address medial column alignment to restore the static triangle of support of the foot.

What is procedure code 27766?

CPT® Code 27766 – Fracture and/or Dislocation Procedures on the Leg (Tibia and Fibula) and Ankle Joint – Codify by AAPC.

Can CPT code 28300 be billed twice?

Through MUE edits would suggest only one osteotomy per day is common, it would be appropriate to bill CPT code 28300 twice to reflect each procedure. The CPT would be billed as two line items with the appropriate site modifier and modifier -59 appended to the second surgical charge.

What is a cuneiform bone?

Cuneiforms. The cuneiform bones form a unique series of bone tightly bound together and function as a unit. They articulate with the navicular proximally through three separate facets and with metatarsal segments distally. Laterally, the third cuneiform articulates with the wedge like medial third of the cuboid.

What is the CPT code for osteotomy?

The CPT code for osteotomy, 28300, Osteotomy; calcaneus (eg, Dwyer or Chambers type procedure), with or without internal fixation, has historically been listed with a Practitioner Services MUE Value of one.

What is the CPT code for kidner type procedure?

22715009 – Kidner operation with tendon transfer – SNOMED CT.

What is the CPT code for a double osteotomy?

Response: This is a common double osteotomy that I perform. I have no problem being reimbursed. Two separate incisions must be used. CPT 28300 x2 is the correct code with the second procedure code appended with a “-59” modifier. Of course, expect the second code to be reduced by 50%.

Can a cotton osteotomy change the shape of my foot?

A Cotton osteotomy can change the shape of your foot, giving it a more normal appearance. Our office hours have changed for the holiday. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

What is the CPT code for open tibiofibular joint?

1 CPT® Code Description. 2 27870 Arthrodesis, ankle, open. 3 27871 Arthrodesis, tibiofibular joint, proximal or distal. 4 28705 Arthrodesis; pantalar. 5 28715 Arthrodesis; triple. 6 (more items)

What is the CPT code for arthroereisis surgery?

Since the level of the repair was at the level of the foot, the most appropriate CPT code to bill would be CPT 28208. I am performing surgery on one of our patients which will involve a gastrocnemius recession (CPT 27687) and a subtalar implant (arthroereisis) on the left foot. We are having trouble choosing a code for the arthroereisis procedure.