What is the difference between RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ?

ActiveMQ is used in enterprise projects to store multiple instances and supports clustering environments based on the JMS messaging specification. RabbitMQ is a message broker which is executed in low-level AMQP protocol and acts as an intermediator between two application in the communication process.

Is Kafka better than RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ is best for transactional data, such as order formation and placement, and user requests. Kafka works best with operational data like process operations, auditing and logging statistics, and system activity.

Is Kafka better than ActiveMQ?

Kafka is way faster than ActiveMQ. It can handle millions of messages per sec. ActiveMQ supports both message queues and publishes/subscribe messaging systems. On the other hand, Kafka is based on publish/subscribe but does have certain advantages of message-queues.

Is ActiveMQ push or pull?

ActiveMQ will push as many messages to the consumer as fast as possible, where they will be queued for processing by an ActiveMQ Session. The maximum number of messages that ActiveMQ will push to a Consumer without the Consumer processing a message is set by the pre-fetch size.

Can we replace RabbitMQ with Kafka?

1. The use of a standardized message protocol allows you to replace your RabbitMQ broker with any AMQP based broker. Kafka uses a custom protocol, on top of TCP/IP for communication between applications and the cluster. Kafka can’t simply be removed and replaced, since its the only software implementing this protocol.

Is there any reason to use RabbitMQ over Kafka?

Kafka is ideal for big data use cases that require the best throughput, while RabbitMQ is ideal for low latency message delivery, guarantees on a per-message basis, and complex routing.

Is ActiveMQ synchronous?

The default setting for ActiveMQ is that all persistent messages outside of a transaction are sent to a broker are synchronous.

Can Kafka replace RabbitMQ?

A message queue is a queue in RabbitMQ, and this “queue” in Kafka is referred to as a log, but to simplify the information in the article, I will refer to queues instead of switching to ‘log’ all the time….Real-time processing.

RabbitMQ Apache Kafka
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Is Kafka easier than RabbitMQ?

RabbitMQ’s queues are fastest when they’re empty, while Kafka retains large amounts of data with very little overhead – Kafka is designed for holding and distributing large volumes of messages. (If you plan to have very long queues in RabbitMQ you could have a look at lazy queues.)