What is the dribbling in basketball?

Dribbling is a repetitive action in which a player uses one hand to bounce the basketball continuously, that is, without interruption, on the court.

What are the 7 steps to dribble a basketball?

  1. Steps to Dribbling. Use your fingertips.
  2. Keep the ball low. The ball should bounce somewhere between your knee and hip.
  3. Be aware of where the ball bounces.
  4. Keep your body between your defender and the ball.
  5. Look up.
  6. Change your speed.
  7. Don’t stop.
  8. Pass the ball.

Why is it called dribbling in basketball?

Early references to dribbling come from accounts of medieval football games in England. For example, Geoffrey Chaucer offered an allusion to such ball skills in fourteenth century England. In the Canterbury Tales (written some time after 1380) he uses the following line: “rolleth under foot as doth a ball”.

How is dribbling done?

Dribbling should be done with finger pads and the fingers should be relaxed and spread, The wrist should be pushing the basketball, and the forearm should be moving up and down. Skilled ball handlers bounce the ball low to the ground, reducing the risk of a defender reaching in to steal the ball.

How do you dribble and run?

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  1. Push the ball with the outside of the laces area of your shoe while running in a straight line. (Push the ball, don’t kick it.)
  2. Foot shape should be “toes down and pointed slightly inward,” which allows you to keep your speed as you run.
  3. Go as fast as you can while keeping the ball under control.

How do you practice dribbling in basketball?

Stationary Dribbling Drills A player gets a basketball and finds a small, flat area where they can dribble. They then perform a series of one and two-ball ball-handling drills. Players work on keeping their heads up while performing a variety of creative dribbling and ball-handling moves to improve their feel for the basketball

Why do basketball players dribble?

On the Coaches Clipboard website, it’s written there are only six reasons to dribble. 1. To advance the ball up the court. 2. To drive to the hoop. 3. To get open for a shot. 4. To open up a passing lane, to have a better chance of completing a pass.

What is mindless dribbling in basketball?

Mindless dribbling is something that’s becoming more and more common in today’s game. Players are putting the ball on the floor as soon as they receive it without having a smart reason for doing so. This is often leading to them wasting the dribble. On the Coaches Clipboard website, it’s written there are only six reasons to dribble.

Should a basketball touch the palm of your hand when dribbling?

Some coaches and trainers tell their players the basketball should never touch the palm of their hand while they’re dribbling… I disagree. This results in a bunch of 5-year-olds making a claw shape with their hand, bouncing the ball with the top of their fingers, and then wondering why they can’t dribble.