What is the earth 8?

Earth 8 is opposite Earth 44 in the structure of the Multiverse, and is one of the two known universes in it closest to New Genesis, the “Pinnacle” aspect of the Sphere of the Gods. Earth 8 is one half of the “Lee/Kirby Binary” in the local Multiverse with Earth 51.

Who is nix Uotan?

Nix Uotan is the last of the monitors, a lost race of super-beings. Living as a regular teenager, when the Multiverse is in need he transforms into his alter-ego the Superjudge.

What is Earth 11?

Batman Character Guide [INTERACTIVE] Earth-11 is the name given to the Earth, and the universe that contains this particular Earth, in which the superhuman populace are of the reverse sexes to the superhuman populace of New Earth. Earth-11 is a part of the 52 Multiverse.

Which is our earth in DC?

Earth 33, also known as Earth Prime. Not to be confused with Prime Earth, also known as Earth 0, which is the primary world depicted in DC Comics.

Who is Mandrakk?

Dax Novu was the first Concept generated by the Over Monitor. He was tasked with investigating The Flaw that was the DC Comics’s Multiverse and had assumed the title of Mandrakk, The Dark Monitor only after being corrupted by the stories and emotions he’d discovered inside.

Who is the empty hand?

Later, it is revealed that the Empty Hand is actually the right hand of the Great Darkness itself that was once used by the aforementioned primordial entity to form the truce between itself and The Presence, with the hand in question being given its current form.

What earth is Batman Beyond from?

Earth 12
Several decades into the future relative to Prime Earth, Earth 12 is home to Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne’s young successor as The Batman and defender of Neo-Gotham. Alongside an aged Superman, they and the other members of the Justice League Beyond protect their future world against all threats.

Who attacked Earth 19?

Plastoids attacked the Earth of Earth-19 and ravaged the planet. Thus, gelatinous foods like Jell-O were banned due to their similarity. They were another reason for the lack of coffee on this Earth. Breacher would later vow to kill all remaining Plastoids.

What Earth is Titans in Arrowverse?

Indeed, the world of Titans was identified as Earth-9 in the opening prelude of Crisis on Infinite Earths and was shown to have been among the Arrowverse worlds erased from existence.