What is the education Act Ontario?

The Education Act is the main piece of legislation, or “statute”, governing public education in Ontario. This legislation provides authority for the creation of all of the main features of the education system.

What is the Ontario Safe schools Act?

One month later, the Minister introduced the Safe Schools Act, which proposed amending the Education Act to give force to the Code of Conduct and provide principals and teachers with more authority to suspend and expel students. The Act was passed by the legislature in June 2000 and came into effect in September 2001.

Who regulates private schools in Ontario?

the Ministry of Education
All private schools are to be registered with the Ministry of Education (Ministry). During the 2012/13 school year, there were over 1,000 regis- tered private elementary and secondary schools in Ontario that informed the Ministry that they had enrolled approximately 110,000 students.

What are the publicly funded schools in Ontario?

Ontario has 4 publicly-funded school systems:

  • English Public.
  • English Catholic.
  • French-language Public.
  • French-language Catholic.

What is the purpose of the education Act?

To provide for the detennination of national policy for education; to amend the National Policy for General Education Affairs Act,’ 1984, so as to substitute certain definitions; to provide afresh for the determination of policy on salaries and conditions of employment of educators; and to provide for matters connected …

What is a Section 23 classroom in Ontario?

A Section 23 placement (Day Treatment) provides an educational program and mental health services for students whose circumstances or needs prevent them from being successful within their community school.

What effect has the Ontario Safe Schools Act had?

The number of students being suspended and expelled from Ontario schools has decreased since PDSS (2007) was put in place (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2013a, 2013b). However, far too many students who experience exclusion from schools under these policies become increasingly disengaged from education.

Do private schools have to follow the Ontario curriculum?

Private schools are not required to use the Ontario curriculum unless they are seeking authority to grant credits toward the OSSD. Those that do may also offer other content beyond the Ontario curriculum.

Do private schools get government funding Ontario?

In Ontario and Atlantic Canada, private schools receive no taxpayer funding.

Are Catholic schools in Ontario publicly funded?

The Ministry of Education said in an email it is “committed to protecting denominational school rights and minority language education rights and that includes Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic and French-language education systems.”

What year did JK start in Ontario?

The federal and provincial governments responded by opening wartime nurseries across the country. Establishment of junior kindergarten was legislated in 1939, but the first one opened in Ottawa in 1942; two years later Toronto started opening junior kindergarten programs (Ontario Teachers’ Federation, 1973).