What is the idiom for flying?

Today, we’re going to look at six idioms that all talk about how to fly and things that fly. You can fly off the handle, fly under the radar, or even fly the coop. We’ll also look at how things can fly off the shelf and even what happens when pigs fly.

What does two-faced mean idiom?

adjective. If you describe someone as two-faced, you are critical of them because they say they do or believe one thing when their behavior or words show that they do not do it or do not believe it. [disapproval]

What is the mean of flying in the face of?

Definition of fly in the face of Also, fly in the teeth of. Act in direct opposition to or defiance of. For example, This decision flies in the face of all precedent, or They went out without permission, flying in the teeth of house rules. This metaphoric expression alludes to a physical attack. [

What does the idiom flying high mean?

Be elated
Be elated, as in They were flying high after the birth of their first baby. This expression alludes to a high pitch of feeling. [

What is another word for two faced?

OTHER WORDS FOR two-faced 2 treacherous, devious, dishonest, false.

How do you use two faced in a sentence?

1. He had been devious and two-faced. 2. I don’t trust her – I suspect she’s a bit two-faced.

What does flying in the face of adversity mean?

DEFINITIONS1. to completely oppose, or be completely opposite to, something that most people believe or accept.

What does flying low mean?

(idiomatic) to fly under the radar; to act in a discreet or sneaky fashion.

What does flying the coop mean?

to escape or go away
Definition of fly the coop informal. 1 : to leave suddenly or secretly : to escape or go away In the morning the suspect had flown the coop. 2 : to leave home All their children have flown the coop.

What does it mean to fly in the face of something?

When a fact, idea, or statement challenges or goes against some established fact, we say it flies in the face of (the fact). The scientist’s radical theories fly in the face of everything we know about physics. Both of these idioms mean to get angry very quickly, to lose your temper.

What does the idiom ‘with flying colors’ mean?

The idiom ‘with flying colors’ originated with the practice of victorious ships flying flags, or ‘colors’ from their masthead to announce their victory as they sailed back into port. To be flying the colors meant the ship had won.

What does it mean when sparks fly between two people?

If sparks fly between two people, it means they are having an angry and intense argument. Sparks fly every time she has to interact with her ex-husband. When a fact, idea, or statement challenges or goes against some established fact, we say it flies in the face of (the fact).

What is another word for two-faced?

Duplicitous; habitually presenting a different version of oneself at different times, especially in the presence of different people. Terri is about as two-faced as they come, always giving me a big hug and then talking about me as soon as I walk away. It’s not surprising that politicians are so two-faced, but that people buy their phony facades.