What is the meaning of punch holes?

Definition of punch holes in : to weaken or destroy (an idea, plan, belief, etc.) by proving that parts of it are wrong Lawyers tried to punch holes in her argument.

What is standard hole punch size?

A most useful hole punch. The 1/8 inch diameter punch is ideal for making holes for ribbon or grommets to attach sheets of paper together or for making decorative accents like snow, holly berries or flowers. An excellent tool for making invitations, place cards, greeting cards and scrapbooking.

What is a 3-hole puncher for?

This hole punch isn’t adjustable, but the three holes are positioned to handle most jobs and line up with ringed binders. It isn’t recommended to use this puncher for heavier materials like cardboard. This 3-hole punch handles 12 sheets of paper at once.

What are hole punch holes called?

Chad refers to fragments sometimes created when holes are made in a paper, card or similar synthetic materials, such as computer punched tape or punched cards. The word “chad” has been used both as a mass noun (as in “a pile of chad”) and as a countable noun (pluralizing as in “many chads”).

Is it hole punch or hole puncher?

A hole punch, also known as hole puncher, or paper puncher, is an office tool that is used to create holes in sheets of paper, often for the purpose of collecting the sheets in a binder or folder.

Is hole punch one word?

A tool that is used to make holes in stationery for ease of filing.

How does a hole puncher work?

The puncher has two protruding pointed edges that look concave from the side. These pointed edges pierce first to avoid crumpling the paper and to ensure a clean cut. When the puncher is forced down, a crisp hole is punched in the paper.

How do you spell hole puncher?

View the pronunciation for hole punch….hole punch ​Definitions and Synonyms.

singular hole punch
plural hole punches

How many holes are in a hole punch?

Multiple hole punches typically make between one and eight holes at one time, the placement of which matches the spacing of the rings in a binder. For example, the filofax system uses six holes in two groups of three. In much of the world, two-hole and four-hole punches consistent with ISO 838 are the norm.

Who invented the hole puncher?

The first record for a paper hole puncher was published in 1885, when a man named Benjamin Smith helped create a spring-loaded hole puncher that had a receptacle to collect those little clips. Smith dubbed it the “conductor’s punch”.

What is hole punching in gaming?

Fast-paced online multi-player games may use a hole punching technique or require users to create a permanent firewall pinhole in order to reduce network latency. VPN application Hamachi or Zerotier utilizes hole punching to allow users to connect directly to subscribed devices behind firewalls.

What is Holepunch?

When a male (or female) attacks the vaginal area, usually with a fist (hence, punch ). “I gave that bitch a right holepunch for sleeping with my best friend.” Get the Holepunch neck gaiter and mug. “ That show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop .” Get the copaganda neck gaiter and mug. V. To punch somebody in the rectum . N.