What is the most elite police force in the UK?

The Met’s Protection Command fields armed close protection officers and other armed police in order to protect VIPs.

What are the ranks in the British police force?

UK Police Ranks

  • Constable (PC / DC)
  • Sergeant (PS / DS)
  • Inspector (Insp / DI)
  • Chief Inspector (CI / DCI)
  • Superintendent (Supt / DSU)
  • Chief Superintendent (CS / DCS)
  • Assistant Chief Constable (ACC)
  • Deputy Chief Constable (DCC)

What is a Special Police Officer UK?

Special Constables are volunteer Police Officers. They have the same police powers, uniforms and equipment as regular Police Officers but sacrifice their free time on a voluntary basis, organising their busy personal lives, day jobs and other commitments around police duties.

Is there a swat in UK?

The New Britain Police Department SWAT team is a highly trained group of officers tasked with the responsibility of handling and resolving high-risk situations.

What rank is a DCI?

Detective chief inspector (DCI) is usually the minimum rank held by a senior investigating officer (SIO), who heads major investigations (e.g. murder), and a pool of these officers usually works out of force headquarters or major police stations.

How much does a DCI earn UK?

Experienced staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland earn between £43,965 and £46,277 as a sergeant, £52,698 and £57,162 as an inspector, £58,332 and £60,732 as a chief inspector, £70,173 to £82,881 as a superintendent and £86,970 to £91,749 as a chief superintendent.

How long does it take to become a DCI?

The programmes last between 18 and 24 months and offer the training and support you need to make the switch from your current job to an operational police leader.

Do special police get paid UK?

Are Special Constables entitled to receive expenses? Special Constables are volunteers and are not paid for performing the role. However, specials are provided with uniforms free of charge and are entitled to be reimbursed for any reasonable expenses.

How were the ranks of the British police chosen?

Most of the British police ranks that exist today were chosen by Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel, the founder of the Metropolitan Police, enacted under the Metropolitan Police Act of 1829.

What is special forces in the UK?

In UK law, “special forces” means those units of the armed forces of the Crown and the maintenance of whose capabilities is the responsibility of the Director of Special Forces or which are for the time being subject to the operational command of that Director.

What are the different types of police numbers in England?

Metropolitan Police: 1 Sergeant: Borough code and one, two or three digits 2 Constable: Borough code and three or four digits 3 Special constable: Borough code and four digits, usually beginning with the number 5 ( 8 for traffic/transport or 9 for specialist units) 4 PCSO: Borough code and four digits, the first digit being a 7

What is the rank of a Special Constabulary officer?

The deputy chief officer of the special constabulary rank is named “special chief superintendent”. The chief officer of the special constabulary is named “special commander”. Blank spaces in the table indicate that a rank is not used in a force’s structure. This table of constabularies is not complete.