What is the most reliable history book?

15 Best History Books Of All Time

  • A History of American People.
  • Churchill: A Life and the Second World War.
  • Guns, Germs, and Steel.
  • Genghis Khan: The Making Of The Modern World.
  • Europe: A History.
  • The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich.
  • Postwar: A History of Europe. Author: Tony Judt.
  • The Communist Manifesto. Author: Karl Marx.

Where can I find high school textbooks online for free?

The Price is Right: 11 Excellent Sites for Free Digital Textbooks

  • Bookboon.com.
  • Boundless.
  • California Learning Resource Network (CLRN)
  • College Open Textbook Collaborative.
  • connexions.
  • The Global Text Project.
  • OpenStax.
  • Open Education Group.

What books should I read about history?

12 History Books to Read

  • A History of the Modern World.
  • Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945.
  • Walking Since Daybreak.
  • A People’s Tragedy.
  • China: A History.
  • The Arabs, A History.
  • Orientalism.
  • The First Total War: Napoleon’s Europe and the Birth of Warfare as We Know It.

What textbook is used for AP World History?

One textbook that is updated to the current AP course that we would recommend is Ways of the World, 4th. ed., by Strayer and Nelson.

Which history book is best for beginners?

4 Best Ancient History Books for Beginners

  • The Architecture of the Roman Empire, Volume 1. An Introductory Study. William L.
  • Ancient Greece. From Prehistoric to Hellenistic Times. Thomas R.
  • Three Stones Make a Wall. The Story of Archaeology.
  • A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India. From the Stone Age to the 12th Century.

Where should I start in history books?

This should arguably be your first book if you’re making your initial forays into history.

  • 1491 by Charles C. Mann. As we all know from the schoolroom rhyme, in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
  • 1776 by David McCullough. Ah, David McCullough, dropping knowledge on us for decades.

Do all history books tell the same story?

All history books definitely do not tell the same story. They revolve around one leader or king and his works. Although they do not tell us the complete truth sometimes because it can hurt people’s sentiments or such things but they do revolve around a similar plot.