What is the Pararectal space?

3.1 Pararectal space. The retroperitoneal space lying lateral to the rectum on either side is known as the pararectal space. Pararectal spaces take the shape of a curve of sacrum bone. 3 The roof of the pararectal space comprises the posterior leaf of the broad ligament.

Where is the obturator space?

The lateral part is the obturator space (under the external iliac vessels) and the medial part is the ventral parametrium. The obturator space contains (Figure 8) the obturator nerve, obturator artery and vein, and fatty and lymphatic tissue.

What is the space between the bladder and uterus?

The pelvic peritoneal space is the inferior reflection of the peritoneum over the fundus of the urinary bladder and the front of the rectum at the junction of its middle and lower thirds. In females, the reflection is also over the anterior and posterior surface of the uterus and the upper posterior vagina.

Is presacral space retroperitoneal?

Posterior pararenal space. The posterior pararenal space merges inferiorly with the anterior pararenal space and retroperitoneal tissues of the iliac fossa (see Figure 16-4 ). The psoas muscle, the fascia of which merges with the posterior transversalis fascia, makes up the medial border of this posterior space.

How do you enter retroperitoneal space?

The round ligament is the key to exposing the retroperitoneal space. It should be open at the pelvic sidewall, just medial to the external iliac vessels. The umbilical ligament can be used as a landmark. The divided round ligament is retracted ventrally and medially to place the ovarian vessels under traction.

What is the space of retzius?

The Retzius space is a part of the extraperitoneal space, between the pubic symphysis and the urinary bladder, often referred to as retropubic or antero-vessical, paravesical and pararectal, retropubic space, cave of Retzius, space of Retzius, or Retzius cavity.

What is the space inside the pelvis called?

The pelvic cavity is formed by three bilateral pairs of bones (pubis, ilium and ischium) and two posteriorly located bones (sacrum and coccyx). The cavity is home to the some of the urinary organs, most of the reproductive organs and the distal part of the digestive tract in humans.

What is retropubic space?

The retropubic space is also called the pre-vesical space or the space of Retzius. It can be visualised after opening the fold of peritoneum between the bladder and the anterior abdominal wall. It is bounded anteriorly by the pubic symphysis and the superior pubic ramus laterally.

What is the difference between intraperitoneal and retroperitoneal?

Intraperitoneal space refers to the space within the peritoneum, which is a thin transparent membrane, lining the abdominal cavity, while retroperitoneal space refers to the space occurring outside the peritoneum.