What is the rarest Monopoly board game?

In 1988, jeweler Sidney Mobell crafted a one-of-a-kind 23-karat gold Monopoly set, making it the rarest Monopoly board game ever in the world. Each of the iconic Monoply game pieces were made out of 18-karat solid gold.

What Monopoly game pieces are rare?

Rarest Monopoly Versions Ever And How Much They’re Worth

  1. 1 1991 Last Edition: $2,100 (Valued In 2008)
  2. 2 The Original Hand-Made Darrow Game: $146,500.
  3. 3 Trade Mark Edition: $380 – $1,000.
  4. 4 Patent Pending 1935 Edition: $300 – $900.
  5. 5 Registered With Us Patent Office Edition: $70.
  6. 6 Fine Edition 1946: $50 – $100.

What’s the hardest Monopoly piece to get?

Five prizes of $10,000 each are available to be won. With odds of 1 in 102,718,344, Kentucky Avenue is the rare game piece.

Are old Monopoly pieces worth anything?

Generally speaking, vintage Monopoly games are not worth much. They are almost always less than $200 for a standard edition, no matter how old or how good the condition.

Are there any board games worth money?

The War of the Ring Collector’s Edition, $750 According to the eBay seller, this game is number 580 out of only 1,000 special editions of The War of the Ring games that is in existence. This strategic fantasy war game based on “The Lord of the Rings” series was in new condition and worth $750.

Is Park Lane or Mayfair rare?

There is a 1 in 22 chance of a sticker being a Park Lane, compared to a 1 in 100 million chance of a sticker being Mayfair. This means you’d probably get one Park Lane sticker if you bought nine promotional items.

Is Mayfair Park Lane rare?

That means the dark blue Mayfair square will be the rarest of all – with only four available in the country. If you did find one though – as well as its matching Park Lane token – then you’ll bag a £100,000 cash prize.

What were the 10 original Monopoly pieces?

There were 10 tokens that included the battleship, boot, cannon, horse and rider, iron, racecar, dog, thimble, top hat, and wheelbarrow.

What are all the playing pieces in Monopoly?

There are currently eight Monopoly tokens in the game. These are the dog, the battleship, the race car, the top hat, the cat, the penguin, the t-rex, and the rubber ducky. Two of the current Monopoly pieces – the battleship and the top hat – survive from the very first tokens introduced in 1936.

What are my old board games worth?

This Is How Much Your Classic Board Games Could Be Worth

  • Franklin Mint Monopoly and Scrabble, $2,800.
  • Ratrace, $1,624.35.
  • The Mansion of Happiness, $1,250.
  • Settlers of Catan 3D Edition, $850.
  • Swift Meats Major League Baseball Game, $796.96.
  • The War of the Ring Collector’s Edition, $750.
  • The Mighty Hercules, $289.99.