What is the story of TikTik?

Makoy, a soon-to-be-father, is suddenly forced to protect his pregnant wife from an onslaught of hungry aswang monsters. He must not just fight for his love, but fight for their very survival into trouble with a group of gypsies who transform into TikTik.

How do I become a Manananggal?

Another tradition says that to become a Manananggal you need a special ointment and the egg containing a black chick. While chanting a special incantation you should anoint yourself with the ointment and place the egg in your armpit until it disappears. It this ritual is completed you will transform into a Manananggal.

What kind of movie is Tiktik The Aswang Chronicles?

action comedy horror adventure film
Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles is a 2012 Filipino action comedy horror adventure film written and directed by Erik Matti.

Are there vampires in Philippines?

The manananggal is an old mythical creature in the Philippines that separates from their lower part of body and their fangs and wings give it a vampire-like appearance….

Gender Male / Female
Region Philippines
Christian equivalent Vampire

How do I turn into Manananggal?

How do you become an Aswang?

[*] A human can choose to turn into an Aswang by tying a fertilized chicken egg to their stomach. Once the chick passes into their flesh, they must bury the shell in a bamboo tube with coconut oil and chicken dung. Then they will possess the powers of an Aswang.

How do I become Aswang?

How many horror stories are there in Tagalog?

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What are the best Pinoy horror movies to watch this Halloween?

While The Ring, The Grudge or Shutter may be your top choices for horror movies this Halloween season, there are Pinoy Horror movies that will frighten you all the way.

What kind of animation is Kwentong Aswang?

ANG ISINUMPANG ASWANG Ricky TV · 4.9K Views 12:05 Pag-ibig ng Manananggal (Kwentong Aswang) – Tagalog Horror Story (Pinoy Animation)

What is your review of TikTok movie The Aswang Chronicles?

Rianne Hill Soriano of Business World praised the film, stating “TIKTIK: The Aswang Chronicles is uniquely Filipino in its vision and presentation. Aware of its strong and weak points, it works around its resources accordingly.