What is VWash used for?

VWash plus is an intimate wash for women that helps prevent unpleasant odour & irritation in the intimate area. It is safe for daily use. It has no Paraben & SLS/SLES. VWash Plus is an intimate wash for women usable during periods and pregnancy as well.

How do you wash with VWash?

Quick & easy to use, VWash can be applied by pouring a few drops onto your palm & gently massaging the external area of your vagina. Rinse thoroughly with water after application. It can be used even during your periods & leaves no side effects.

How many times use VWash?

You Can Use It Everyday When it comes to intimate hygiene, maintaining a pH balance of around 3.8 to 4.5 is necessary for vaginal health. As long as you follow the steps to using V Wash properly, you should have no problem when it comes to using it everyday.

Why is VWash important?

Your Vagina needs more hygiene than your hands! Maintaining vaginal hygiene with intimate wash has become one of the important parts of women’s lifestyle. Improper hygiene causes itching, burning irritation, and pain. Many Gynecologists suggests using warm water asintimate wash to clean the vagina.

What is the age to use VWash?

12 above
Product Specification

Skin type Vaginal
Age Group 12 above
Features Fie daily use,usable durimg periods as well
Type of Beauty Cream Vaginal wash
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Bottle

Is there any side effects of VWash?

V Wash is a Lotion manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. It is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of Dryness, Itching, Irritation. It has some side effects such as dryness, feeling of warmth, itching, itching, allergic reaction.

What are the side effects of VWash?

What is the cost of VWash?

It’s actual price 45 RS only….

What is the age to use V wash?

Does VWash remove hair?

Hair Removal Cream specially designed for the Bikini Line area from VWash Plus, a Complete Intimate Hygiene Expert. It is specially designed hair removal cream to remove hair from the sensitive bikini line area for all skin types.

Can we use VWash for shaving?

It is infused with natural Chamomile extract which soothes and softens the skin for a pleasant and irritation-free experience. Enriched with Vitamin E which moisturizes the skin giving a smooth bikini line without any worry of skin darkening. It gives freedom from Shaving Hassles & Hazards.