What is wrong with Kiermaier?

Kiermaier’s procedure addressed a small meniscus tear, but he’s expected to resume full activities in 4-6 weeks. As a result, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the 30-year-old back to full health in time for spring training in 2022.

Is Kevin Kiermaier still with Tampa Bay Rays?

Things could change at any point between the start of Spring Training and this summer’s Trade Deadline, but for now, Kiermaier remains the Rays’ center fielder.

How old is Kevin Kiermaier?

32 years (April 22, 1990)Kevin Kiermaier / Age

Where is Kevin Kiermaier from?

Fort Wayne, INKevin Kiermaier / Place of birth

Who is Kevin Kiermaier married to?

Marisa Moralobo
Personal life. Kiermaier proposed to girlfriend Marisa Moralobo on February 11, 2017. They married on November 10, 2017, in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Who is Marisa Moralobo?

Maria Moralobo is the wife of American professional Baseball player, Kevin Kiermer who has been married to the athlete for years. They have two children together; the first child was born in 2018 and the second was born in 2021.

What is Kevin Kiermaier salary?

514,400 USD (2016)Kevin Kiermaier / Salary

Where did Kevin Kiermaier go to college?

Parkland College
Bishop Luers High School
Kevin Kiermaier/Education

Who is Kevin kiermaier married to?

Where did Kevin kiermaier go to high school?

Does Kevin kiermaier have kids?

Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier announced on social media Tuesday that he and his wife Marisa welcomed their second child, a boy named Krew Jax, who weighed in at an impressive nine pounds, 14 ounces.

How tall is Kevin kiermaier?

6′ 1″Kevin Kiermaier / Height

When did Kiermaier make his debut in the MLB?

He made his MLB debut on September 30, 2013 – also game 163 of the regular season, and a wild-card tiebreaker game. Kiermaier attended Bishop Luers High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and played for the school’s baseball team.

What team is Kevin Kiermaier on now?

OF Kevin Kiermaier assigned to SOU South Division All-Stars. OF Kevin Kiermaier assigned to Tampa Bay Rays. Kevin Kiermaier assigned to Montgomery Biscuits from Durham Bulls. Kevin Kiermaier assigned to Durham Bulls from Charlotte Stone Crabs. Kevin Kiermaier roster status changed by Charlotte Stone Crabs.

How did Kiermaier play against the Yankees?

Impact Kiermaier wreaked his fair share of havoc on Yankees pitching out of the bottom of the order, snapping a 1-1 tie in the second inning by plating Manuel Margot and also lacing his seventh triple of the season later in the game.

Where did Kiermaier go to high school?

Kiermaier attended Bishop Luers High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and played for the school’s baseball team. Bishop Luers won the state championship in Kiermaier’s senior year.