What island is pokai Bay on?

Because of its breakwater offshore that blocks high surf, Poka’i Bay (see more photos, view panorama) is the most protected beach on the leeward (west) coast of Oahu. It is calm year-round, while other beaches on the leeward coast get strong surf in the winter months.

How do I get to pokai Bay?

Pokai Bay (often also referred to as Military Beach) is located on the territory of a military base. You can get to the beach either through the military gate (show your ID) or through a big park with huge parking lot, more commonly used by visitors.

Is pokai beach safe?

The beach is naturally protected from the surf and big waves, it’s safe to swim there even in the winter. Pokai Bay is popular with the locals, military base personal and their families, very few tourists there. It is never crowded, the most people I’ve seen there was usually on the weekends.

Is pokai bay clean?

High Bacteria Count at Pokai Bay, O’ahu Levels of 2005 per 100 mL have been detected during routine beach monitoring. The Department of Health Clean Water Branch provides beach monitoring and notification through its beach program.

Can you fish pokai Bay?

Waialua Bay and Pokai Bay: Located on Oahu, these two bay spots for fishing are regulated and require a permit when it comes to net fishing for crabs and shrimp. By fishing in the bays of Oahu you gain access to the smaller fish like goatfish and papio, great for those who have never fished before.

Where is Electric Beach Oahu?

Kahe Point Beach Park
The Kahe Point Beach Park snorkeling area is located on the west side of Oahu, just north of the Ko Olina Resorts. Kahe Point is nicknamed, Electric Beach because of the electric power plant located nearby. The electric plant outflows clean warm water through two giant cooling pipes offshore.

Where is Yokohama Bay located?

Yokohama Bay (Keawa’ula Beach), Oahu Keawa’ula Beach, better known as Yokohama Bay, is the northernmost beach on Oahu’s west shore. It is located a short distance just before the road ends and the trail to Ka’ena Point, the island’s northwestern tip, begins. This beach is truly off the beaten path.

Where is the Samoan crab on Oahu?

Top 10 Best crab fishing in Honolulu, HI

  • Halona Beach Cove. 9.3 mi. 80 reviews.
  • Point Panic Beach Park. 1.8 mi. Beaches, Parks.
  • Kaneohe Bay Sandbar. 6.8 mi. 105 reviews.
  • Cromwell’s Beach. 4.9 mi. Beaches.
  • J Hara Store. 3.0 mi.
  • Island Water Sports Hawaii. 9.1 mi.
  • Magic Island. 1.9 mi.
  • China Walls. 9.3 mi.

Where is the best fishing in Oahu?

Oahu offers some of the best fishing spots in Hawaii. These include Waialua Bay Pier in Haleiwa, Kaena Point, Makai Pier, Bamboo Ridge, Heeia Pier, Laie Point, Lake Wilson Freshwater in Wahiawa (license required), Haleiwa Alii Beach Park in Haleiwa, Ewa Beach Park, and Pokai Bay in Waianae.

Are there sharks at Electric Beach Oahu?

There is lots of nooks and crannies here too in the reef. Protector crab are common in the cauliflower coral and white tip sharks ocassionaly hang out under the ledges, turtles can be seen here. Star fish, blenny’s, and shells are common through out this area.

Why is it called Electric Beach?

Kahe Point is nicknamed, Electric Beach because of the electric power plant located nearby. The electric plant outflows clean warm water through two giant cooling pipes offshore. At the openings of these pipes the water temperature is several degrees warmer than the surrounding ocean.

Can you swim at Yokohama Bay?

And don’t forget to bring a camera – you will stop to savor the views all along the drive to Yokohama Bay and all the way hiking to the Point. After your hike, plan to spend the rest of your day on the beach at Yokohama and reward yourself with a swim in the pristine waters.