What kind of Caterpillar is Absolem?

The Blue Caterpillar
The Caterpillar (also known as the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar) is a fictional character appearing in Lewis Carroll’s 1865 book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland….Caterpillar (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Alias Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar, Absolem
Nickname The Blue Caterpillar
Species Caterpillar
Gender Male

What does the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland symbolize?

The Caterpillar aggravates Alice’s uncertainty about her constantly changing size. The Caterpillar also may represent the threat of sexuality, as suggested by its phallic shape.

Who is Absolem in Alice?

Alan Rickman
Character information Absolem is a character in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Absolem is a caterpillar that appears in both the real world and Underland, however, he doesn’t speak in the real world. He was voiced by the late Alan Rickman.

What was the Caterpillar doing when Alice saw him?

Alice first saw the Caterpillar sitting on top of a mushroom and smoking its hookah. The first thing that the Caterpillar said to Alice was a question, “Who are you?” Alice had difficulty answering the Caterpillar, and so she decided to just take her leave.

What disorder does Alice in Wonderland have?

zooming at some topics of this novel, we come up to understand that Little Alice suffers from Hallucinations and Personality Disorders, the White Rabbit from General Anxiety Disorder “I’m late”, the Cheshire Cat is schizophrenic, as he disappears and reappears distorting reality around him and subsequently driving …

What does the Caterpillar tell Alice to do in order to grow and shrink?

If you don’t know the story, Alice meets up with a hookah-smoking caterpillar who tells her that if she eats out of one “side” of a (round) mushroom, she’ll get bigger, but out of the other side, she’ll get smaller.

Who is the Caterpillar in Alice in Borderland?

While some of these references might be more obvious, people have been debating about others – like Kuina as the Caterpillar, since caterpillars are associated with the process of metamorphosis and she is transgender.

Who is the blue caterpillar?

His name is Absolem, and he is voiced by Alan Rickman. In the novel series “The Looking Glass Wars,” he is re-imagined as Blue Caterpillar, the head of six oracle-like caterpillars who live in the Mushroom Valley and act as guardians of the sacred Heart Crystal.

What happened to the Caterpillar after he told Alice about the mushroom?

In a minute or two the Caterpillar took the hookah out of its mouth and yawned once or twice, and shook itself. Then it got down off the mushroom, and crawled away in the grass, merely remarking as it went, `One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter.

Is it good luck to see a caterpillar?

In many cultures of England, caterpillars are an omen of good luck and fortune. In fact, these tiny creatures are often considered to protect people from the common cold and coughs. Likewise, in Hinduism, the graceful locomotion of caterpillars around leaves is associated with bringing good luck to travelers.