What lures work best for pike?

These are the best pike lures.

  • Best Overall: Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon.
  • Best Crankbait: Rapala Super Shad Rap.
  • Best Spinnerbait: Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait.
  • Best Spoon: Eppinger Original Dardevle Spoon.
  • Best Topwater: Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper Topwater Lure.
  • Best Jerkbait: Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait XR10 Fishing Lure.

What size lure is best for pike?

Lure Size: Mick suggests for pike fishing, to start with lures sized 12 centimetres. This is a middle-of-the-road size and great for all sizes of pike. If you go bigger, though, you’ll focus on the bigger pike, and if you go smaller you could pick up other species such as perch and zander.

What lures for northern pike?

The top 10 northern pike lures are;

  • Eppinger Daredevil Spoon.
  • Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait.
  • Rapala #14 Shad Rap.
  • Mepps Musky Killer Spinner.
  • Livetarget frog.
  • Rapala Stitter Prop.
  • Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon.
  • Acme Kastmaster Spoon.

Are spinnerbaits good for pike?

Spinnerbaits are highly versatile; they can be buzzed atop weedbeds or slow-rolled over wood bottoms. But generally speaking, you’ll catch more pike with a slower retrieve, which gives these ambush predators a little more time to lock onto the target before they lunge from the cover to strike.

Do pike like topwater lures?

The optimum cadence varies with conditions, fish reactions, and the lure itself. For example, one of Rosner’s favorite topwaters is the Booyah Pad Crasher. “It’s an awesome bait when pike are tight to the edge of heavy rice, cattails, or other weedy cover,” he says.

What Colours do pike see best?

“I find that in the early spring, the pike really prefer the bright orange and chartreuse colours. Yet, come fall, silver, grey, and black combinations that imitate ciscos and other congregating baitfish seem best. So I tend to use bright lures in the spring and flashy baitfish patterns in the fall.”

Do pike like Jerkbait?

Jerkbaits for Pike Are the Way to Go Northern pike are built for chasing down prey. With a quick burst of speed and their razor-sharp teeth, baitfish in the vicinity really don’t stand a chance.

What is the best month to catch pike?

The water temperature, light intensity, and weather conditions are usually just right during September and October, and so these two months simply provide the very best of timings when it comes to pike fishing.

Do pike like frog lures?

“Pike love frog baits, so there’s no right or wrong way to fish them.” When pike are patrolling a cabbage bed adjacent to a wall of rice, Rosner may sling a bit beefier and noisier bait such as Bucher’s 7-inch TopRaider.

What are some good pike lures?

Pike Musky Dawg Fishing Soft Bait

  • It is one of the most popular Musky lures on the market today,and a must-have in any Pike/Musky anglers tackle box
  • Pike Fishing Soft Bait Lure 4 Colors 200mm 45g
  • Pike Musky Dawg Fishing Soft Bait Lure 200mm 45g Swimbait
  • What is the best bait for pike fishing?

    Sardines. At top of our list is our favourite bait and one that has banked us many great Esox over the years.

  • Roach/Skimmers. What better way to entice a pike into taking your bait than using a natural coarse fish that is already part of the pike’s diet?
  • Sprat.
  • Herring.
  • Smelt.
  • Mackerel.
  • Lamprey.
  • Trout.
  • Blueys.
  • Live Baits
  • What is the best lure for small pike?

    – Large ½ oz. spinnerbait is ideal for pike, musky, and giant bass. – Each lure comes with 12-inch steel leader. – Durable, high-quality blades and skirts.

    What makes a good fishing lure?

    Soft Baits. In crystal clear water,the right color is the most natural.

  • Hard Baits. Hard bait colors can come in a huge range of shades and patterns,with many of them being hand painted or patterned.
  • Jigs. The point of fishing with jigs is to mimic the natural movement of various prey items,so that alone can make the fish bite.
  • Topwater.