What Mirza means?

Definition of mirza : a common title of honor in Persia prefixed to the surname of a person of distinction.

What does Mirza mean in Persian?

Mirza definition A Persian title of honor placed after the name of a royal prince or before the name of a high official, scholar, etc. noun.

Who is Mirza Baig?

For the Mughal and Timurid dynasty use, the honorific title Mirza (Persian: مرزا) was added before the given name for all the males and ‘Baig’ (Persian: بیگ) for the males or Begum (Persian: بگوم) for the females, was added as a family name. For example: Mirza Sohaib Baig or Hira Begum.

Who was Mirza?

Mirza was the son of Fateh Bibi while Sahiba was the daughter of Khewa Khan. Mirza’s parents had sent him to a nearby village for his education and that is how he came to live at Sahiba’s house. Everyone in Sahiba’s family – except her father – was against him staying there.

Is Mirza an Islamic name?

Muslim (Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan): from a personal name based on the Persian honorific title Mirza, a shortened form of mir-zadeh ‘child of a prince’.

What is the origin of Mirza?

Mirza (/ˈmɜːrzə/ or /mɪərˈzɑː/; Persian: میرزا) is a name of Persian origin. It is used as a surname or prefix to identify patriarchal lineage. It is a historical royal and noble title, denoting the rank of a royal prince, high nobleman, distinguished military commander, or a scholar.

What is meaning of Mirza in Urdu?

Mirza name meaning is Noble man امیر زادہ، مغلوں کی ایک ذات، رئیس، دولتمند that is a Muslim Boy name and the lucky number for Mirza is five. مرزا name is Irani originated with multiple meanings. You can also listen here to how to pronounce the Mirza name in Urdu.

Which caste is Baig in Pakistan?

Baig was a title given to honorary members of the Barlas clan, and was used as the family name for their children. The Barlas clan was the main clan of the Timurids. The Timurids belonged to the Islamic faith and were descendants of Timur, the grandson, through several generations, of the Mongol conqueror Gengis Khan.

What is meaning of Baig in Urdu?

Baig is baby boy name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Hindi. Baig name meanings is Leader Wealthy Son.

How was Mirza killed?

When Sahiban’s brothers reached them, Mirza woke up but discovered his arrows were broken and then he was killed by Sahiban’s brothers. Sahiban couldn’t bear this loss and chose to end her own life by stabbing herself with an arrow.

What is Baig cast?

Is Mirza male or female?

The name Mirza is primarily a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin that means Prince.