What nationality is Nia-Malika Henderson?

Nia-Malika Henderson (born July 7, 1974) is a senior political reporter for CNN….

Nia-Malika Henderson
Born July 7, 1974 Hopkins, South Carolina, U.S.
Education Lower Richland High School, Hopkins, South Carolina
Alma mater Duke University (B.A.) Yale University (M.A.) Columbia University (M.A.)
Occupation Journalist

Does Nia-Malika Henderson still work for CNN?

Nia-Malika Henderson is a senior political analyst for CNN, reporting on politics, policies, and people shaping Washington.

How old is Malika Henderson?

47 years (July 7, 1974)Nia-Malika Henderson / Age

Where was Nia-Malika Henderson born?

Hopkins, SCNia-Malika Henderson / Place of birthHopkins is a census-designated place in Richland County, South Carolina, United States, that was founded circa 1836 and named after John Hopkins. It is located 11 miles southeast of downtown Columbia and is part of the Columbia Metropolitan Statistical Area. Wikipedia

Where did Nia-Malika Henderson go to school?

Yale University
Columbia UniversityDuke UniversityLower Richland High School
Nia-Malika Henderson/Education

How old is Nia Henderson on CNN?

Who is Nia-Malika Henderson Instagram?

CNN Senior Political Reporter.

Who is Niania-Malika Henderson?

Nia-Malika Henderson is a well-known journalist. She is a Senior Political Reporter for CNN. She has served as a reporter at the Washington Post. She covered the 2012 Presidential Campaign as the national political reporter at White House. Henderson was born on July 7, 1974, in the United States of America.

Is Nia-Malika Henderson married to Jeff Henderson?

An American journalist, Nia-Malika Henderson is unmarried. She has also been rumored to be dating Jeff Henderson. She is active on Twitter but has not disclosed any personal information. The Senior Political Reporter earns $1 million annually. She has the net worth of $5 million.

What education does CNN journalist Ariana Henderson have?

Henderson graduated cum laude from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in literature and cultural anthropology. She received master’s degrees in journalism from Yale University in American studies and Columbia University. Henderson is a senior political reporter for CNN.