What really happened at the end of Birdman?

In the finale of the movie, as the pressure of his imposter-syndrome comes to a head, Riggan hears his Birdman ego say to him “let’s end this on our own terms, with a grand gesture.” So he decides to die by suicide on stage for his play. But his self-inflicted gunshot does not prove fatal, damaging his nose.

What is the message of Birdman?

Like Biutiful, Birdman is about a journey of crisis and transformation in which aging actor Riggin questions the true worth of his life, while battling colleagues, family, and friends who threaten his vision. But, mostly, he is battling his own powerful inner demons.

Does Birdman have a definitive ending?

But first, Iñárritu’s original draft of the Birdman script had a slightly more definitive ending – one that could offer hints at which theory is closest to the truth. Ben Kendrick is the publisher of Screen Rant, the site’s head film critic, as well as host of the Screen Rant Underground and Total Geekall podcast.

What is the secret at the end of Birdman?

Birdman is rich with symbols that are intended to support the movie’s various themes, but for our purposes of unlocking the secret of the end, two stand out: flight and Riggan’s reconstructed nose. Flight shows up again and again. Riggan flies to escape his own sense of low self-esteem and lack of control.

What is the significance of the last scene with Riggan and Birdman?

The last scene also served as a metaphor in that he embraced himself as Birdman (the cowl and plastic surgery) and his suicide let his daughter come to terms with who he really was (her spotting him flying and smiling) and these two things allowing Riggan to finally be free (him being able to fly).

What is the movie Birdman about?

At its core, Birdman tells the tale of a man’s struggle to find internal as well as external love and acceptance, as the film’s central character, Riggan Thomson (Michael Keaton), channels his regrets and frustrations into a stage adaptation of the Raymond Carver short story “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.”