What sensors does iPhone 6 have?


  • Touch ID.
  • Barometer.
  • Three-axis gyro.
  • Accelerometer.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • Ambient light sensor.

Does the iPhone 6 have a sensor?

The iPhone 6 has the fingerprint sensor built into the home button.

How many sensors does the iPhone 6s have?

one inertial sensor
The iPhone 6s Plus uses only one inertial sensor (6-Axis accelerometer and gyroscope). The 6-Axis inertial sensor package size is 4.00 mm x 4.00 mm x 0.76 mm.

What can the iPhone 6 do?

6 Things You Can Do With the iPhone 6s

  • Create animated wallpapers. Using the iPhone’s new Live Photos option, you can now create your own animated GIFs with the push of a button.
  • “Peek and Pop”
  • Unlock it.
  • Find your phone around your house easily.
  • Search for settings.
  • Utilize Wi-Fi Assist.

How can I test my iPhone sensor?

Open the Phone app and tap Keypad, then type *#0*#. A diagnostic screen pops up with buttons for a variety of tests. Tap Red, Green, or Blue to test those pixel colors. Tap Receiver to check the audio, Vibration to try the vibrating feature, or Sensor to test the accelerometer and other sensors.

How do I turn on my iPhone sensor?

How do I turn on proximity sensor on iPhone? To turn on the proximity sensor on your iPhone, open up the Settings app and tap on “General.” Scroll down and tap on “Accessibility” and then tap on “Proximity Sensor.” Toggle the switch to the “On” position.

What sensors do iPhones have?


  • Face ID.
  • Barometer.
  • Three‑axis gyro.
  • Accelerometer.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • Ambient light sensor.

What sensors are used in the iPhone®?

The main sensors that help inject intuitive and impressive interface technology in the iPhone ® include: The main purpose of a proximity sensor is to measure how close the sensor device is to a particular target.

What is a motion sensor on an iPhone?

Motion Sensor/Accelerometer. Motion sensors allow the iPhone® device to switch from a landscape to portrait display as a result of the user manipulating the direction of the device. A basic functional principle to a motion sensor involves the transformation of the detection of a motion into an electrical current.

How do moisture sensors work on the iPhone?

The design and engineering process for the iPhone ® range is continuously changing to help create the most intuitive device possible for its user. Moisture sensors have also become an important sensor component for this range of cell phones. This type of sensor works by alerting the user when the phone has contact with water.

What kind of image stabilization does the iPhone 6 have?

Optical image stabilization (iPhone 6 Plus only) Fingerprint identity sensor built into the Home button Pay with your iPhone using Touch ID in stores and in apps CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Rev. B (800, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz) CDMA EV-DO Rev.