What should I put under my freestanding punching bag?

The three (3) most common options are sand, water, or both. For this guide, we recommend using sand as it will weigh more, but a bag base filled with water will still give you a great workout. The reason we recommend sand is that the base can fit 350 lbs.

What does the Bob bag stand for?

BOB – Body Opponent Bag
BOB – Body Opponent Bag.

What do you fill Bob base with?

That being said you can get very solid resistance from BOB if you properly fill the base. Filled with just water you can get about 250 lbs in the base. If you completely fill with sand and then add water (the sand will absorb about 50% more water without taking up extra space) then you can get BOB up over 450 lbs.

How do you stabilize a freestanding punching bag?

Place foam mats beneath the stand to keep it from sliding. Use 2 packs of interlocking non-slip foam mats to help hold your stand still and keep it from sliding. Place the mats on the floor in the area you plan to use your punching bag and then place the stand on top of it.

How do I keep my heavy bag from swinging?

To develop your timing on the heavy bag, and by that I mean your punch timing, stay relaxed and look to control the swing of the bag by landing crisp punches both as the bag swings towards. Look to hit occasionally as the bag swings away from you (accepting the point of Rule #1).

Is Bob punching bag worth?

A Bob punching bag isn’t better than a heavy bag but is more specialized for the different needs of the fighter. The Bob is perfect for combinations and perfecting your accuracy because it looks like an actual human opponent. A heavy bag is better for kicking and conditioning.

What sand do you use to fill a punching bag?

Which is best, sand or sawdust? Sand is better for a heavier bag, sawdust is good for a lighter bag.

How do you get the sand out of a Bob punching bag?

Do you? You just unscrew the punching bag out of the base and set it aside. If you put a lot of sand in, leave the punching bag screwed in and use it as mechanical advantage to tip the base over. Unscrew the cap and poor out the sand.