What station is Wlng?

WLNG (92.1 FM) is an oldies/adult hits radio station licensed to Sag Harbor, New York, and serving eastern Long Island….WLNG.

City Sag Harbor, New York
Broadcast area Eastern Long Island Southeastern Connecticut
Frequency 92.1 MHz
Branding WLNG 92.1 FM

Does Bill Evans own Wlng?

For Sandra Foschi and her husband, Bill Evans, ownership of WLNG is about “respecting its longevity, its legendary status in the community,” the latter said last week.

Where does Bill Evans work?

92.1 WLNG FM
About. Bill is the Program Director, Chief Meteorologist, Caretaker, and Morning DJ for 92.1 WLNG FM in Sag Harbor, NY. He is a 15-time Emmy Award Winner, Awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and is a NY Times Best Selling Author.

How does Elizabeth Holmes still have money?

Elizabeth Holmes built her net worth as the founder and CEO of Theranos, a biotech company. When the company reached its peak valuation of $9 billion, Elizabeth had a net worth of $4.5 billion on paper, thanks to her stock in the company.

Is Elizabeth Holmes still married?

She has been staying with Evans, who comes from a wealthy family that founded the Evans Hotel Group, a hotel chain in Southern California. According to CNBC, the couple are living together at a US$135 million estate in Woodside, California.

What happened to Bill Evans?

He is now on WLNG Radio. Evans is a 15-time Emmy award winner for “Outstanding On-Camera Achievement in Weather Broadcasting.” He had been with WABC-TV since 13 December 1989.

Why does Elizabeth Holmes change her voice?

Former Theranos employees have claimed that Holmes’ signature deep voice was fake, and that she taught herself to speak at a lower register to be taken more seriously in the male-dominated world of Silicon Valley. Holmes’ family has denied that she intentionally altered her voice.