What street is UMass Amherst on?

Head toward UMass on North Pleasant Street. At the intersection of North Pleasant Street and Massachusetts Avenue, go straight onto Massachusetts Ave. At the first set of lights, take a right onto Commonwealth Avenue. Go through one set of traffic lights, and take a right at the next set of lights onto Holdsworth Way.

Which UMass dorms are best?

Top 9 Dorms at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst

  • Baker Hall.
  • Brett Hall.
  • Brooks Hall.
  • Butterfield Hall.
  • Chadbourne Hall.
  • Gorman Hall.
  • Greenough Hall.
  • Van Meter Hall.

Where do I send my package to UMass Amherst?

Drop-Off Location

  • Mail Services. 120 Tillson Farm Road. Amherst, MA 01003-9346. Tel. 413-577-9500. [email protected]
  • Tillson Farm Road Map (PDF)
  • Click here to download the OpScan Services Job Ticket.

What exit is UMass Amherst?

At the Hampshire Mall stay in the left lane and follow the signs for the left turn on to Route 116 (north). The UMass Exit is 1 mile north. Turn right at the top of the ramp (on Massachusetts Avenue) to the second ‘full’ (don’t count blinking yellow lights) traffic light.

What zip code is UMass Amherst?

Non-Residence Buildings

BUILDING updated 8/4/2021 STREET ADDRESS- Amherst, MA (unless otherwise noted) ZIP+4 CODE
Furcolo Hall 813 N PLEASANT ST 01003-9308
Goessmann Laboratory 686 N PLEASANT ST 01003-9303
Goodell Bldg 140 HICKS WAY 01003-9272
Goodell Bldg (Graduate School) 140 HICKS WAY OFC 1 01003-9333

Where is the best place to live UMass Amherst?

Northeast resembles a typical college dorm experience, with nine old-fashioned buildings within the area. Located right next to Worcester Dining Commons and close to academic buildings, Northeast has a great location for students active on campus.

Where do freshmen live at UMass Amherst?

Freshman can currently choose to live in one of six different residential halls: Central, Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community, Northeast, Orchard Hill, Southwest, and Sylvan. Each residence hall are has different advantages in the atmosphere, proximity to classes, recreation, and research facilities.

How do I mail something to UMass?

Getting Your Mail At the beginning of the semester, you will be assigned a mailbox. Most residence halls also have a mail slot for outgoing U.S. Mail. If you need to mail something, you can purchase stamps at the University Store which is located in the Campus Center, or at Mail Services at 120 Tillson Farm Rd.

How do you send mail to a dorm?

Remember: you need to include the college name, the dormitory hall name, and room number….Format a College Dorm Address the Same as a Normal Address

  1. John Smith.
  2. 1234 College Way.
  3. American University Freshman Hall #100.
  4. Boston, MA.
  5. 02111.

What zip code is 01003?


How safe is UMass Amherst?

AMHERST (WWLP) – A new study has ranked UMass Amherst to be the safest college campus in Massachusetts, and the 24th safest campus in the country. The study by security company ADT looked at factors including hate crime, property crime, violent crime and violence against women.