What type of refrigerant is R404a?

R-404A is a pseudo-azeotropic mixed refrigerant composed of the three ingredients R-125, R-134a, and R-143a, and was developed as a substitute refrigerant for R-502 and R-22, used in commercial refrigerator equipment for low and medium temperature ranges.

What is 404A Freon used for?

Freon™ 404A (R-404A) Refrigerant It was designed to replace R-502 and R-22 used in commercial refrigerator equipment for low and medium temperature ranges. Its properties make it ideal for use in display cases, refrigerated vehicles, ice makers, and other applications.

What is the suction pressure for 404A?

If it works properly, it should be running at 10 to 20psig. The high side should be around 180.

What is the boiling point of R404A refrigerant?

Physical Properties

Property Value
Chemical Notation CF3CHF3, CF3CH3, CFcCH2F
Molecular Weight 97.6
Boiling Point (°C) -46.2
Freezing Point (°C) Average -117.5

What type of oil does R404A use?

R-404A is a HFC and Polyol Ester is the only approved oil.

What is the low side pressure for R404a?

When the temperature inside the freezer is at about 0°F, the low side pressure should be 8-10PSIG for R404A charged units. Refrigerators should pull down to 35°F in about 20 minutes when located in an ambient of about 75 °F.

What is a good superheat for 404A?

A good guideline is 4-6 degrees, but best to consult with the equipment manufacturer for their recommendation.

Can you mix 404a and 134A?

Re: Accidentally mixed R404A with R134a Vacuum is not necessary because R404a consists of R134a. It will never work and your TEV or capillary is not designed for this refrigerant. If you want to destroy your compressor, let it run this way.

Can I use r134 in a 404a system?

R404A will have about 50% more capacity and require about 50% more horsepower than R134A at the same conditions. That LT R134A compressor will try to pump whatever you put through it but its motor simply isn’t big enough to handle the power required for the higher pressure refrigerants like R404A.

What is the density of R-404A?

Refrigerant Gas R404A is a colorless odorless mixture of three hydrofluorocarbon compounds in near-azeotropic proportions. Azeotropic mixtures have sharp boiling points instead of boiling over a range of temperatures, which is the case with most mixtures. Bp (at 1 atm) -46.5°C. Density (as a liquid) 0.485 kg/L.

What is the replacement for R-404A?

What are the best replacements for R404A? For cold rooms and other small to medium commercial refrigeration applications, R448A and R449A and R452A or R134a are excellent alternatives to R404A, with from 50 to 65% reduction in GWP.

How much does R404A refrigerant cost per pound?

The refrigerant R404A was successfully used to replace R502, another Freon that is damaging to the environment. The average R404A price per pound is between $4 and $6. That being said, R404A is less popular as it has a higher global warming potential than R410A, and it does not achieve very high energy efficiency.

Which refrigerant is better, R410a or R32?

Since R32 has lower density than R410a, lesser quantity of R32 is used in Air conditioners or Refrigerators. What this means is every time your AC runs ‘out of gas’ it can be ‘re-charged’ with smaller amount of R32. Verdict: R32 is a better, upgraded version of R410a. One woollen blanket in cold winters is enough to feel cosy and warm.

What is the difference between R404A and r507a?

The difference of R404a and R507a are as follows: 1. Refrigerant R404A is made up of R125/R143a/R134a mixed at 44%/52%4%, R507 is mixed with R125/R143a according to 50%/50%, and the three components of R404A from the composition of the mixing components already contain the two components of R507. Both refrigerants, ODP are 0 and do not destroy the ozone layer.

How to charge R404A refrigerant with fully care?

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