What was going on in 1661?

1661 Apr 23, English king Charles II was crowned in London. 1661 Apr 29, Chinese Ming dynasty occupied Taiwan. 1661 May 25, King Charles II married Portuguese princess Catherina the Bragança.

Who was on the throne in 1661?

Charles II
The political crisis that followed Cromwell’s death in 1658 resulted in the restoration of the monarchy, and Charles was invited to return to Britain….Charles II of England.

Charles II
Reign 29 May 1660 – 6 February 1685
Coronation 23 April 1661
Predecessor Charles I (1649)
Successor James II & VII

What happened in England in the 1670s?

Events. 1 June – the secret treaty of Dover is signed between King Charles II of England and France. 8 July O.S. – Spain recognises Jamaica and the Cayman Islands as English possessions by the Treaty of Madrid.

What was happening in England in 1667?

In 1667, the Dutch admiral Michiel de Ruyter led a daring raid up the River Medway. Having broken a chain which the English had placed across the river, he attacked the naval dockyard at Chatham, burning and taking many ships. It was a terrible humiliation for the English.

What happened in the world in 1665?

In 1665 and 1666, one city experienced two enormous tragedies: the Great Plague of London and the Great Fire of London. The plague killed roughly 15 to 20 percent of the city’s population, while the fire burned about a quarter of London’s metropolis, making around 100,000 people homeless.

What happened in the year 1669?

May 31 – Samuel Pepys stops writing his diary. June 22 – Roux de Marsilly, accused of plotting the assassination of King Louis XIV of France, is publicly tortured in Paris, France. June 25 – François de Vendôme, Duke of Beaufort, disappears in battle, during the siege of Candia in Crete.

Why was James II kicked out of England the monarchy?

James resigned all of his offices in 1673 rather than take an anti-Catholic oath imposed by the so-called Test Act and thus made his position known publicly. Later that year, his first wife having died, he gave further offense by marrying a Roman Catholic princess, Mary of Modena.

What was happening in 1620s?

On September 16, 1620, the Mayflower sails from Plymouth, England, bound for the Americas with 102 passengers. The ship was headed for Virginia, where the colonists—half religious dissenters and half entrepreneurs—had been authorized to settle by the British crown.

What was happening in 1674?

January 19 – The tragic opera Alceste, by Jean-Baptiste Lully, is performed for the first time, presented by the Paris Opera company at the Theatre du Palais-Royal in Paris. February 19 – England and the Netherlands sign the Treaty of Westminster, ending the Third Anglo-Dutch War.

What happened in the year 1661 in England?

20 December – Parliament passes the Corporation Act 1661 restricting public office to members of the Church of England. Robert Boyle publishes The Sceptical Chymist in London, in which he developed the idea of elements and ‘corpuscles’ ( atoms ). John Evelyn ‘s pamphlet Fumifugium is one of the earliest descriptions of air pollution.

What happened on 2 March 1629 in England?

Already disillusioned with parliaments, Charles I was outraged when, on 2 March 1629, members of parliament first held the Speaker of the House down in his chair and then passed three resolutions condemning the king’s financial and religious policies.

What happened in the Cornish War of 1642?

Although parliament had initially managed to gain control of almost all of southern England, in October 1642 some 10,000 Cornishmen rose up in arms for Charles I and chased parliament’s few local supporters across the River Tamar.

Who was King James I of England?

Elizabeth I died childless so was succeeded by her cousin, James VI of Scotland, who henceforth assumed the title of James I of England as well. James’s accession meant that the three separate kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland were now united, for the first time, under a single monarch. James was the first Stuart ruler of England.