What was the purpose of the OAS?

Purposes: To strengthen peace and security in the hemisphere; promote representative democracy; ensure the peaceful settlement of disputes among members; provide for common action in the event of aggression; and promote economic, social, and cultural development.

Is the OAS an NGO?

Civil Society status with the OAS. Civil society organizations (CSOs) are defined in the OAS as “any national or international institution, organization, or entity made up of natural or juridical persons of a non-governmental nature,” according to resolution CP/RES.

When was the OAS formed?

April 30, 1948, Bogotá, ColombiaOrganization of American States / Founded
The OAS Charter was adopted at the Ninth International Conference of American States in Bogotá, Colombia on April 30, 1948. The OAS Charter reaffirmed the fundamental rights and duties of states, proclaimed the goals of the new organization, and established its organs and agencies.

What are the achievement of OAS?

A treaty promising reciprocal assistance in the event of violence was signed in 1947 and a year later, 21 countries signed an agreement to prevent communism in the western hemisphere. April 30, 1948, was the official beginning of the OAS….The Organization Of American States (OAS)

Rank Organization Of American States (OAS) Year Joined
35 Venezuela 1948 Founder

What are the four pillars of the OAS?

OAS has four pillars to effectively implement its goals. These pillars are: democracy, human rights, security and development.

Who funds Organization of American States?

The OAS has two funds, one for the General Secretariat, and one for specific programs and initiatives. The General Assembly asks for contributions from each member country based on its capacity to pay. In 2018 the General Secretariat’s budget was $85 million of which the US contributed $50 million.

How many members are in OAS?

Headquartered in the US capital, Washington, D.C., the OAS has 34 members, which are independent states in the Americas.