What weight class is Alex Caceres?

Bantamweight Featherweight Lightweight

Alex Caceres
Weight 145 lb (66 kg; 10.4 st)
Division Bantamweight Featherweight Lightweight
Reach 731⁄2 in (187 cm)
Stance Southpaw

How old is Alex Caceres?

33 years (June 20, 1988)Alex Caceres / Age

What is Alex Caceres nationality?

AmericanAlex Caceres / Nationality

What is Alex Caceres record?

Alex Caceres Record: 19-13-0 (1 NC)

What is Alex Caceres salary?

UFC 250 Undercard: Alex Caceres ($58,000 + $58,000 win bonus = $116,000) def.

How tall is Jose Caceres?

6′ 2″

Fighter Fighting Style Height
Michael Lombardo 6′ 0″
Jose Caceres Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 6′ 2″

Is Alex Caceres Dominican?

Me being half Dominican, I feel like I’m gonna get a lot of love out there. I don’t know, it’s gonna be really fun man, I can’t wait. It’s really up my alley.” As for how he expects his bout with “The Russian Hammer” to play out, Alex Caceres had the following prediction.

Is Alex Caceres vegan?

“It really showed us that most of the food we’re eating in this Westernized diet is actually the opposite of what we think it is and it is very detrimental to our health. I started cutting dairy, lactose, processed foods, and processed meat out of my diet. I’m not completely a vegan.”

Who is Jose Caceres?

Jose Caceres is an American professional mixed martial artist. He is well known for being the only person to defeat Kamaru Usman in a professional MMA fight. He hails from Miami, Florida and his record consists of 15 wins and 11 losses. He’s also the brother of UFC veteran Alex Caceres.

Does Nate Diaz eat meat?

Arguably MMA’s most famous vegan, Nate Diaz stopped eating meat at the age of 18. Similar to his elder brother, he occasionally becomes a pescatarian when out of training camps. However, Nate Diaz is exclusively vegan during fight camp.

Is Conor McGregor vegetarian?

Is he vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, or a follower of keto? The answer for Conor McGregor lies somewhere in the middle. Though he loves his greens, he also has to intake a lot of protein that comes from a meat-rich diet.