What were M1 Garand stocks finished with?

As to the M1 Garand Rifle, it is believed that the original manufacturer’s finish utilized boiled linseed oil into which the stocks were dipped and then dried. Subsequently, what might be called boiled tung oil was used instead.

What companies make M1 garands?

M1 Garand

U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1
Manufacturer Springfield Armory Winchester Harrington & Richardson International Harvester Beretta Breda F.M.A.P. Springfield Armory, Inc. (civilian)
Unit cost About $85 (during World War II) (equivalent to $1,330 in 2021)
Produced 1934—1957
No. built 5,468,772

What were M1 Garand stocks made of?

Black walnut
Black walnut was prized for making gun stocks, such as for the M1 Garand rifle, because of its density, durability and beauty. Larger black walnut trees were in demand, and the wood for the stocks came from the bottom of the walnut, which is denser from supporting the tree’s weight.

Should I refinish my M1 Garand stock?

If you are collecting M1s, you would never refinish one. On the other hand if you want to build an accurate rifle, by changing the barrel and stock, you may want to refinish it. Cleaning up a stock for any M1 would preserve the wood. That would not decrease the value as long as you do it properly.

What is Gunny paste?

$9.25. A high quality micro-crystalline finish wax that gives your military stock a durable water proof barrier.

What is the original finish on a M1 Garand?

The finish on your M1 typically would be Raw linseed oil, or Tung Oil. It’s impossible to know what foreign countries used on the stocks. In later years the stocks can also have been treated with boiled linseed oil or even a varnish in the field. Refinishing your stock can affect the collector value of the rifle.

Which is better Danish oil or linseed oil?

Danish oil and Teak oil dry faster than linseed oil, which is traditionally used on willow cricket bats. The finish they provide is also much more resilient. If your wood already has linseed oil on it, it’s best to carry on using it.

What is a good price for an M1 Garand?

Miltech offers rebuilt M1 Garands with match-grade barrels for $1,795 plus M1-D Sniper Rifles for $3,250, complete with M84 scope. Of course, one of the most popular go-to sources for M1 Garands is the CMP or Civilian Marksmanship Program, although recent runs on its reassembled but 100 percent authentic GI guns has been rapidly drying up supplies. Most of the lesser priced (i.e., Rack Grade) guns are currently sold out as are all Winchester Garands, but those still available include Field

How reliable is an M1 Garand?

When properly maintained it’s as reliable as anything else. It’s not a complicated design, and mine goes “bang!” every time I pull the trigger. But… it’s been surpassed by more modern designs, and it’s heavy, and modern magazines are much easier/c…

How reliable was the M1 Garand?

The M1 Garand was a fantastic rifle. It was reliable, accurate, and powerful. And it was a semi-automatic service rifle in a time when almost every powerful nation was issuing bolt action rifles. If you want to find out more, here’s a video that discusses why it was such a great rifle:

When did the DCM start selling M1 Garands?

The first time the M1 was available for sale to civilians, by the Army, was an announcement in the “American Rifleman” for October of 1955, though they may have been available and the 1954 National Matches.