When was the last major flood in the UK?

Between November 2019 and February 2020, severe winter flooding occurred across the United Kingdom. The first wave of flooding occurred in November 2019, mainly affecting Yorkshire and the Humber, the East Midlands and the West Midlands.

When was London last flooded?

The 1928 Thames flood was a disastrous flood of the River Thames that affected much of riverside London on 7 January 1928, as well as places further downriver….1928 Thames flood.

Thames flood level markers at Trinity Hospital, Greenwich. The marker on the right is for 1928
Fatalities 14

Has there been any flooding in England?

UK – Floods Prompt Rescues and Evacuations in Wales and South West England. Heavy rainfall swept across parts of the United Kingdom over the weekend 18 to 20 December 2020, causing flash flooding in parts of Wales and South West England.

What caused the 2014 floods in Somerset?

The extensive floods were caused by a combination of human and physical factors: • A prolonged period of extremely wet weather – in southern England it was the wettest January since records began in 1910 – saturated the ground and led to frequent over-topping of the rivers Tone and Parrett creating a huge lake covering …

Where was the 2015 Hunter Valley Flood?

From April 20 to April 22, 2015, a powerful East Coast low pressure system swept across parts of the New South Wales coast. The Hunter Valley was the hardest-hit area, with four people dying in the natural disaster.

What happened in the Calder Valley Flood of 2015?

Flooding on an unprecedented scale ravaged parts of the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire during Christmas 2015. Visually, the devastation has receded – but four years on many people remain traumatised by that catastrophic deluge.

Why are there so many flood warnings in Bournemouth?

The town’s narrow valleys are surrounded by steep hillsides carved out by rivers, making the area and its surrounding communities particularly vulnerable to flooding. It has had a warning system since the Environment Agency took over the World War Two air raid sirens years ago and started using them to alert residents to flooding in the area.

How much damage did the Hebden Bridge flood do?

Visually, the devastation has receded – but four years on many people remain traumatised by that catastrophic deluge. Communities in Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Todmorden and other areas were badly hit by the floodwaters, which wrecked thousands of properties and caused an estimated £150m in damage.

What is the Calderdale Flood Action Plan and how does it work?

But the events of 2015 triggered an even bigger programme of works, known as the the Calderdale Flood Action Plan. Nearing completion a mile down the road in Mytholmroyd – a village which at the worst of the flooding was completely underwater – is a £30m scheme to help protect 400 homes and businesses.