When were the Winmalee fires?

In December 1976, the Winmalee area was hit by a wildfire, which lasted five days. The fire began in the Hawkesbury Lookout area and spread very quickly to Yellow Rock Lookout, Singles Ridge Road, Long Angle Gully and Patterson Road.

How did the 2013 Blue Mountains bushfires start?

By Jennie Curtin. Two bushfires that destroyed more than 200 homes in the Blue Mountains in October 2013 were probably caused by trees falling onto power lines, an inquiry heard on Monday.

Where was the 2013 Blue Mountains bushfire located?

The fires – described as the worst natural disaster in Blue Mountains history – led the New South Wales government to declare a state of emergency. Destroying 196 homes, the fires burned on three fronts: Linksview Road, Mount York, and State Mine.

How did October 2013 nsw bushfires start?

As of 19 October 2013, 248 houses and other structures were destroyed across the state….2013 New South Wales bushfires.

2013 October New South Wales bushfires
Cause Multiple causes: • Strong winds causing powerline damage • Military operations and the use of explosive devices • Suspected arson

Is Blue Mountain affected by fire?

Impacts of the 2019–20 bushfires More than 1,000,000 hectares in this region burnt during the 2019–20 bushfires. More than 60 per cent of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area was fire-affected and more than half of this burnt with high or very high severity.

How many people died in the Blue Mountains bushfire?

Fourteen people died
Blue Mountains and Illawarra bushfire, 1968 Winds up to 100 kilometres per hour intensified the fire front. The bushfire caused widespread damage to infrastructure, houses and buildings; a total of 1,500,000 hectares were burnt. Fourteen people died as a result of the fire.

How much of Blue Mountains burned?

What damage was done in the 2013 NSW bushfire?

279 homes
In New South Wales in 2013, bushfires in January and October collectively burned 768,000 hectares of bushland and destroyed 279 homes. Tragically, two people lost their lives and the damage was estimated…

What was the worst bushfire in Australian history?

The Black Saturday bushfires were the worst in Australia’s history, killing 173 people. Almost 80 communities and entire towns were left unrecognisable. The fires burned more than 2,000 properties and 61 businesses.

What is the biggest fire in Australia?

The largest known area burnt was between 100–117 million hectares (250–290 million acres), impacting approximately 15 per cent of Australia’s physical land mass, during the 1974-75 Australian bushfire season.

How much of the Blue Mountains was burnt?