Where did follow the leader song come from?

“Follow the Leader” is a song by American hip hop duo Eric B. & Rakim. It was written by group members Eric Barrier and Rakim Allah and released as the first single from their second studio album of the same name.

How do you follow a leader?

So here are suggestions for how to be a good follower.

  1. Respect the role of the leader.
  2. Be a good team player.
  3. Don’t be a yes person.
  4. Make your case with facts as well as reason.
  5. Support the leader’s decision after it is made.
  6. Offer feedback to the leader.

Where was Follow the Leader filmed?

Acapulco, Mexico
The music video for “Follow the Leader” was shot in Acapulco, Mexico by director Jessy Terrero and Lopez’s partner Casper Smart.

Why do we follow leaders?

They motivate us to go places that we would never otherwise go. They are needed both to change organizations and to produce results. In any business climate, good leadership is perhaps the most important competitive advantage a company can have.

Who created follow the leader?

Robinson produced Korn’s first two albums, but they decided to recruit Steve Thompson to produce Follow the Leader. Instead, Robinson spent his time in the studio with Davis as his vocal producer. “I put the microphone on the floor, put Jonathan on all fours and stood over his middle part.

What is the purpose of follow the leader?

Players first choose a leader or “head of the line” and the remaining players (the followers) all line up behind the leader. The leader then moves around and all the players have to mimic the leader’s actions. Any players who fail to follow or mimic the leader are out of the game.

Who sings follow the leader?

The Soca BoysFollow the Leader / Artist

How do you be a leader people will follow anywhere?

  1. Leadership Approaches That Work.
  2. Be Fair.
  3. Be Positive.
  4. Consider Others First.
  5. Evaluate the Situation Before Responding.
  6. Inspire Trust by Exhibiting Integrity.

How can a leader be a good listener?

How to improve listening skills if you’re a leader

  1. Develop your active listening skills. Most of us didn’t learn active listening growing up.
  2. Make eye contact.
  3. Ask the right questions.
  4. Have an open mind.
  5. Develop your emotional intelligence.
  6. Minimize distractions.
  7. Reflect back.
  8. Give yourself breathing room.