Where do you take the CCIE lab exam?

CCIE Lab locations:

Lab Centre Lab Location Security
RTP, USA Cisco Systems 7025 -3 Kit Creek Road Building 3 (Lake Building; third building on the left) Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Yes
San Jose, USA Cisco Systems 175 West Tasman Drive Bldg L, 1st floor San Jose, CA USA 95134 Yes

Can I take the CCNA exam online?

Cisco exams that begin with a 700 exam code are self-administered and can be taken from anywhere you have an Internet connection. To purchase an online exam, visit the online exam testing page.

How do I become a CCDE?

To earn CCDE certification, you pass two exams: a qualifying exam that covers core technologies and competencies expected by every network designer, then followed by an 8-hour practical exam that covers designing and architecting Enterprise networking solutions through analyzing business requirements and technical …

Is CCIE lab open?

The CCIE lab locations have begun to open. The health and safety of our customers, partners and employees continues to be our top concern. The opening of the lab exam facilities will be on a case by case basis, based on local conditions, regulations, Cisco Corporate and medical guidance.

How many CCIEs are there in the world in 2021?

Our Best Estimate: 59,737 CCIEs.

Is CCNA exam difficult?

Both the CCNA and Security+ are challenging entry-level exams, however most test takers will find the Security+ concepts and questions more challenging. With proper hands-on practice, you should find the Cisco CCNA to be the easier exam of the two.

How difficult is CCDE?

The Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) is a very difficult exam. It takes all of the technical knowledge of the CCIE and bends it in a new direction. There are fun new twists like requirements determination, staged word problems, and whole new ways to make a practical design exam.

How hard is the CCDE?

The exam was quite brutal in terms of tempo, complexity and variety. I must admit I hadn’t completely understood how difficult this exam would be when I started preparing. There’s a lot to cover and the approach is very different from a CCIE exam.