Where is Bluemint from?

Brought to life in 2013 in the bustling streets of London, Bluemint’s vision aims to create and elevate premium lifestyle products.

What is a Bluemint?

Bluemint is a premium lifestyle brand that captures the unique, memorable moments in life with effortless style and comfort. Created to enjoy with family and friends the magic of long Mediterranean summers, Bluemint is defined by its tailored clean aesthetic, attention to details and an international timeless appeal.

Who owns Bluemint?

Bluemint is a lifestyle brand that showcases and reflects the aesthetic of its Founder and Creative Director, Dogu. Launched in 2013, the brand’s vision was to capture its Mediterranean heritage within a design where quality and fit is central to its development.

Who owns Granadilla swimwear?

Adam Duxbury and Joshua Meltz are absolutely in love with South Africa – and it shows! They started Granadilla Swimwear, a men’s swimwear company, to honour Cape Town summers and the ice lolly sellers on the beaches.

Does draya own mint swim?

The former “Basketball Wives LA” star founded luxury swimwear brand Mint Swim in 2011. Draya Michele is many things: a top model, a former reality star, a mother, an actress, an entrepreneur, an Instagram influencer with more than 8.7 million followers.

How much water does a Granadilla need?

Irrigation – up to 15 litre/plant/day – can supplement low rainfall. Regular watering will keep a granadilla vine flowering and fruiting almost continuously.

How did draya start mint swim?

Draya Michele: Growing up in Pennsylvanian didn’t give much of a vacation or beach experience. So I was determined to create a career that enabled me to travel the world and do what love while getting a great tan, and that’s why I created Mint Swim.

What is the lifespan of a granadilla plant?

The average lifespan of a healthy granadilla plantation is about 3 years. Bearing in mind the effect of viruses and soil-borne diseases, plant spacing of about 1 m could ensure high production over the short term. Erecting a trellising system is the main initial expense.

Does draya still own mint swim?

Mint Swim was founded by actress / entrepreneur, Draya Howard in 2011. Mint Swim is created and designed with all shapes and sizes in mind.

How fast does granadilla grow?

The optimum production age of a granadilla vine is 18 months, but the first granadillas may be ready between six and nine months after transplanting the seedlings. After 18 months two crops can be harvested per year in South Africa.