Where is Raj Comics now?

Raj Comics, is an Indian comic books publisher, based in New Delhi, India.

Who is most powerful in Raj Comics?

*Shakti is the most powerful superhero among all the Raj comics Characters.

How many Raj Comics are there?

R aj Comics had published around 40 Well-Known characters. Some of them are Inactive for unknown reasons.

How much are Raj Comics Worth?

Gupta says the value of the Indian comic book market has dwindled over the years and is valued at a little under Rs 50 crore today. 80 per cent of Raj Comics’ portfolio is superheroes, 10 per cent comedy and 10 per cent is thrill and adventure.

Can I buy Raj Comics?

Raj Comics Books – Buy Raj Comics Books Online at Best Prices In India | Flipkart.com.

Who is the strongest Indian superhero?

1. Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan attained his heroic powers through deep meditation and was capable of activating certain chakras which gave him powers.

Who is Raj Comics?

A Bit About Us We started Raj Comics in 1984, It was the passion of Mr. Rajkumar Gupta backed by the imagination of his sons, Sanjay Gupta, Manoj Gupta and Manish Gupta, that led to the inception of Raj Comics.

What are the best comics to read from Tulsi comics?

Get Nagraj, Doga, Dhruv and Chacha Chaudhary comics. Angara comics is an amazing story of how animals are being tortured by humans and how their jungles are being destroyed. Angara is one of the first super heroes from Tulsi Comics along with Jambu and Tausi.

What is Dhruv’s latest comic series?

Super Commando Dhruv’s latest comics is End game. It is the last part of the Bal Charit series. डेड एन्ड सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव कॉमिक्स बल चरित समापन अंक डाउनलोड करें. In this comics series Dhruv has to fight a dangerous group called hunters. Which has separated his family and every one close to him, including… Read More »