Where is the second coin 2 5?

Star Coin 2 Just before the midway flag is a fire-spitting Piranha Plant. Eat this plant, and shoot the fireball you’ll get from the fiery Piranha Plant at the Plant to your left, which is nestled down a bit amongst some blocks (you can also spit an enemy at this plant to kill it).

How do you get the Star coins in World 2 5 DS?

If the player jumps on top of a Blockhopper, they can reach some coins as well as their first Star Coin in the level. The player then climbs on top of some rocks, and finds another Blockhopper there, as well as some coins. Mario can jump on the Blockhopper to reach the coins easier.

Where is the stamp in World 2 5?

Stamp Location On the wide hill just past the halfway point flag, look for a few? blocks on the far left. One of these can be hit to create blocks above it, which disappear after a while. Have one clone or a friend stand under the block and hit it, while another clone or character stands right on top of it.

How do you unlock the ghost house in World 5?

Secret Exit to World 5-A When the second pendulum swings to the right, jump as high as you can to hit a secret beanstalk. The beanstalk is directly below the opening in the ceiling. Alternatively, use Raccoon Mario and fly up. Head right from there, and when you reach the large Boo, open the door to the upper-right.

Where is the star coin in World 2 2?

Star Coin 1 Right before the midway-point flag is a large column of quicksand. Stand on this and let it suck you down to a secret warp at the very bottom. Hit the P-switch here and wall-jump for coins. Take the pipe at the bottom into the area with the Star Coin.

What is world 5 Level 2 in New Super Mario Bros?

World 5-2 is the second normal level in World 5 of New Super Mario Bros. 2. This level contains a lot of Lakitus, where the Player must use these enemies to his advantage.

What is the secret level in New Super Mario Bros 2?

World 2-A is a secret level in World 2 of New Super Mario Bros.. It is the only secret level in this world, and has two exits; the normal exit opens a pipe that leads to the world’s castle, and the secret exit opens up the world’s Warp Cannon . The level takes place over a stretch of water.

How many worlds are there in New Super Mario Bros?

This is one of only two worlds in New Super Mario Bros. that allows access to two different worlds after the boss battle; the other is World 5. ! Block • ! Switch •? Block • Beanstalk • Brick • Bubble • Bumper • Coin Block • Donut Block • Door • Dotted-Line Block • Face block • Fence • Flagpole • Flimsy Lift • Flip Panel • Flipper • Flying?

What is world 5a in New Super Mario Bros?

World 5-A. World 5-A is the second of two secret levels in World 5 in the game New Super Mario Bros. 2. The level is an auto-scrolling level that mostly takes place on a ship flying through the sky. Read more… World 5-5. World 5-5 is the fifth normal level of World 5 in New Super Mario Bros. 2.