Which global brands are the most valuable?

In the United States alone the brand’s value amounted to approximately 303.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2020….Most valuable brands worldwide in 2022 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Brand value in billion U.S. dollars
Apple 355.08
Amazon 350.27
Google 263.43
Microsoft 184.25

What is the world’s most valuable brand 2020?

According to the newly released Best Global Brands 2020 report from Interbrand, the company which boasts the largest value backing up its brand is currently Apple, with an estimated $322.9 billion – taking it again to the top of this particular list. A touch behind is Amazon, with a value of $200,677 billion.

What are the top 10 brand in the world?

Top 10 since 2007 (Kantar)

Year 1. 2.
2017 Google Apple Inc.
2018 Google Apple Inc.
2019 Amazon Apple Inc.
2020 Amazon Apple Inc.

What are the top 50 brands in the world?

The Heavy Hitters

Rank Brand Industry
#1 Apple Technology
#2 Amazon Technology
#3 Microsoft Technology
#4 Google Technology

What are the 5 most trusted brands in the world?

The 15 Most Trusted Brands Globally

  • Google 1.
  • PayPal 2.
  • Microsoft 3.
  • YouTube 4.
  • Amazon 5.
  • Sony 6.
  • Adidas 7.
  • Netflix 8.

What is world’s largest brand?

Apple has retained the title of the world’s most valuable brand following a 35% increase to US$355.1 billion – the highest brand value ever recorded in the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking.

What are the top 5 brands?

The Leaderboard

Rank Brand Brand Value % change from 2020
1 Amazon 64%
2 Apple 74%
3 Google 42%
4 Microsoft 26%

What were the top 10 brands in 2020?

A Closer Look at the Leaderboard

Ranking Brand 2020 Brand Value
#1 Amazon $220B
#2 Google $160B
#3 Apple $140B
#4 Microsoft $117B

What is the richest company in the world 2021?

The stock’s 30% growth this year added $659.8 billion to its market cap. Apple remains the most valuable company in the world by roughly $400 billion.

What is a global brand?

Global branding refers to the management of a brand in different regions of the world, intending to increase its strength and recognition in the markets in which it operates. This strategy may also be called global branding or international branding.

What are the top 100 brands in the world?

The Leaderboard

Rank Brand Category
1 Amazon Consumer Goods & Retail
2 Apple Technology
3 Google Media & Entertainment
4 Microsoft Business Solutions & Tech Providers