Which Mercedes have pre-Safe?

The Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE® system is available on a variety of models, including the C-Class, GLC-Class, CLA-Class, E-Class Sedan, S-Class, CLS-Class, GLE SUV and GLS SUV. A few of these vehicles are also available with DISTRONIC PLUS with PRE-SAFE® Brake.

What is Mercedes PRE SAFE plus?

PRE-SAFE® PLUS activates the rear hazard warning lights. PRE-SAFE® PLUS brakes a stationary vehicle before the impact. This can reduce the risk of whiplash injuries, and also the danger of secondary collisions.

What does run flat indicator inoperative mean?

TPMS system needs to determine the wheel revolutions to determine a flat tire. If the vehicle can’t get a speed reading from one of the ABS wheel speed sensors, it will trigger run-flat inoperative.

How do you clean a Mercedes radar detector?

Removing Road Dirt and Buildup Use soapy water to clean your sensors just like you would wash your car, taking extra care not to scratch the covers over your camera lenses. Damage from road debris like sand, rocks or other impacts can permanently damage your radar sensors, cameras and other components.

How does Mercedes Pre Safe Work?

PRE-SAFE® Our patented PRE-SAFE system anticipates a collision using a network of sensors. Seatbelts tighten, headrests adjust, and windows close all in a matter of seconds. Newer vehicles even emit pink noise, triggering the inner ear to protect your hearing from the pressure of impact.

What is pre Safe functions limited?

What Does “PRESAFE® Functions Limited” Mean? If your vehicle displays the dashboard warning “PRESAFE® Functions Limited,” Mercedes-Benz service may be needed. This usually appears if a sensor needs adjustment or cleaning, and it might pop up if and when your sensors become blocked by snow, ice, or mud.

What is pre Safe brake?

The PRE-SAFE® brake is an assistance system, which assists the driver at critical moments. Even during automatic partial braking, the driver retains responsibility for the vehicle and decisive action on his or her part can help prevent the vehicle from colliding with the car in front.