Who are the 12 members of I-LAND?

The top 12 trainees that moved onto part 2 of I-LAND were: Daniel, Geonu, Hanbin, Heeseung, Jake, Jay, Jungwon, K, Niki, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Taki. The remaining 7 trainees on part 2 that have not been eliminated are: Heeseung, Jake, Jay, Jungwon, Niki, Sunghoon, and Sunoo. Read more about them below!

Who came first in I-LAND?

Jay! In first place, with 1.4 million votes (a very significant increase from second place which doesn’t break 1.2 million) is… JUNGWON! Yes this sheep-boy deserves all caps because he literally just came back from the brink of elimination and clawed his way all to the top.

Who is the oldest in I-LAND?

K (10/1997) and Hanbin (01/1998) are the two oldest applicants of I-LAND.

What does the i stand for in I-LAND?

“Welcome to One-Land.” Those are the final words of Netflix’s cult love-to-hate limited series The I-land, and they come from Kate Bosworth’s K.C., a name we find out in finale “The Dark Backward,” stands for “Killing Children.” No one told you this show wasn’t deranged.

What company is ENHYPEN?

Belift Lab Inc
Hybe CorporationBELIFT LAB
ENHYPEN/Record labels

Who ranked number 1 in land?

Kim Sun-oo
Global Voting

Top 6 Voted in Top 12 global votes
Rank Contestant Rank
1 Kim Sun-oo 1
2 Daniel 2
3 Ni-ki 3

How long is ENHYPEN contract?

Filed under the name Belift, the company will reportedly be split 52% to CJ E&M, and 48% to Big Hit. It is set to debut a group in 2020. Later that year in October, BTS renewed and extended their contract with the agency for seven more years.

What does 39 mean in the I-Land?

What is the meaning of 39? While stuck on the island, the inmates were taunted by the number 39. There were 39 steps between where they all washed ashore, and some stamps and gum they found had the number 39 on them.

How long did ENHYPEN train?

eight months
9. 2005 and trained for eight months. The group’s name ENHYPEN is similar to the punctuation mark hyphen, which connects two words. ENHYPEN means the seven members connect to discover one another and grow together with the aim of connecting people and the world through their music.