Who is Arthur Koestler?

Arthur Koestler, (born Sept. 5, 1905, Budapest, Hung. —found dead March 3, 1983, London, Eng.), Hungarian-born British novelist, journalist, and critic, best known for his novel Darkness at Noon (1940). Koestler attended the University of Vienna before entering journalism.

Who were the Reds in Spain?

The name Republicans (republicanos) was mainly used by its members and supporters, while its opponents used the term Rojos (Reds) to refer to this faction due to its left-leaning ideology, including far-left communist and anarchist groups, and the support it received from the Soviet Union.

Who were the most prominent figures intellectuals artists etc that came to fight in the Spanish Civil War?

The war was perceived, among many intellectuals worldwide, as an act of violence by the army against the will of the people….Famous Writers that Participated in the Spanish Civil War

  • Federico Garcia Lorca.
  • George Orwell.
  • Arthur Koestler.
  • Andre Malraux.
  • John Dos Passos.
  • Ernest Hemingway.
  • Emma Goldman.
  • Tristan Tzara.

What American author fought in the Spanish Civil War?

For Ernest Hemingway, the fight against General Francisco Franco became a cause of utmost importance. In March 1937, he traveled to Madrid to observe conditions firsthand. Reporting on the war for the North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA), Hemingway penned 31 dispatches from Spain.

What happened to Arthur Koestler?

Arthur Koestler, an archetype of the activist Central European intellectual who drew on his Communist background for the antitotalitarian novel ”Darkness at Noon,” was found dead with his wife at their London home yesterday. Police officials said their deaths were apparently by suicide.

Who killed Arthur Koestler?

Koestler and Cynthia killed themselves on the evening of 1 March 1983 at their London home, 8 Montpelier Square, with overdoses of the barbiturate Tuinal taken with alcohol. Their bodies were discovered on the morning of 3 March, by which time they had been dead for 36 hours.

What happened to Koestler during the Spanish Civil War?

On the outbreak of the Spanish Civil Warhe was sent by the party to spy on the Nationalist forces. Koestler posed as a right-wing Hungarian journalist working for the News Chronicle, but he came under suspicion and was arrested in Seville in February 1937. He was released the following year in an exchange of prisoners.

What did Arthur Koestler do in Seville?

(3) Arthur Koestler, Spanish Testament(1938) My stay in Seville was very instructive and very brief. My private hobby was tracking down the German airmen; that is to say, the secret imports of ‘planes and pilots, which at that time was in full swing, but was not so generally known as it is today.

What did Alfred Koestler do in the Cold War?

In 1949, Koestler began secretly working with a British Cold War anti-communist propaganda department known as the Information Research Department (IRD), which would republish and distribute many of his works, and also fund his activities. In 1968, he was awarded the Sonning Prize “for [his] outstanding contribution to European culture”.

What did Koestler do in the Hungarian Revolution?

Later in 1956, as a consequence of the Hungarian Uprising, Koestler became busy organising anti-Soviet meetings and protests. In June 1957 Koestler gave a lecture at a symposium in Alpbach, Austria, and fell in love with the village.