Who is Ayya Vaikundar?

Ayya Vaikundar (c. 1833 –c. 1851) (Tamil: அய்யா வைகுண்டர்) also known as Vaikunda Swami was the founder of Ayyavazhi sect of Hinduism. The Ayyavazhis believe him to be the foremost avatar of the god Vishnu (Narayana).

What is the movement of Vaikunda Swamikal?

The movement of Vaikunda Swamikal aimed at uniting the lower caste people and to relieve them to a large extent from the shackles of oppression. He became a guiding star to them. He kindled the spirit of the Nadars through his activities.

Who is known as Muthukutty?

Ananda Swami. Goudapada Swami. Muthukutty Swami.

In which year Vaikunda swamigal died?

Died on 3 June 1851. He himself changed his name to Vaikunda Swamikal. He presented himself as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was the first social reformer who made the mirror consecration in South India.

How did the vaikunta Swamikal express their opposition to the British rule?

Wells to resist untouchability During that period, the Avarnas (so called lower caste people) were prohibited from drawing water from the wells used by the Savarnas (so called upper caste people). Vaikunta Swamikal challenged this social abuse by digging wells, which were free for use by everyone irrespective of caste.

Who is known as Mudichoodum Perumal?

February 12, 2018. Born on 1809. Place : Swamithoppu ,Tamil Nadu. First name : Mudi Choodum Perumal ( due to heavy protest from upper class name changed to Muthukutty because at that time only upper castes were allowed to use the names of gods as their names)

How vaikunta Swamikal expressed his contempt towards the British?

Vaikunta Swamikal expressed his contempt towards the British government by referring to it as ‘ven neecha bharanam’ (the rule of white devils).

What is Samathwa samajam?

Samatva Samajam was the organization that was established in Kerala in the year 1836 by Vaikunta Swamikal. The main objective of Samatva Samajam was to help in improving the conditions of the Nadar community.

What are the major activities of Vaikunda Swamikal?

He was the leader of Upper Cloth Revolt or Channar Revolt. Gave a petition to Swathi Thirunnal to abolish the feudal system. Raised the slogan “Wage for Work”. Challenged the unjustified rule of the king of Travancore.

What is Ven neecha Bharanam?

What is ezhava Memorial?

Ezhava Memorial is a memorandum submitted to the Maharaja of Travancore on. 3rd Sept 1896.The Travancore Ezhava Sabha took the initiative in preparing and presenting. the memorial.It was signed by 13176 members of the Ezhava community.It pleaded for.

Who started Panthibhojanam in Kerala?

Sama Panthibhojanam was first organized by Ayya Vaikundar. Panthibhojanam was started by Thycaud Ayya..