Who is iachimo?

Iachimo is a Roman lord and an acquaintance of Posthumus. He is sly and tricky, traits epitomized in his wager with Posthumus over Imogen’s chastity. A womanizer, Iachimo bets Posthumus that he can seduce Imogen in exchange for gold and a ring.

Who is Iachimo in cymbeline?

Rohan Kenworthy
Set in India under British rule, the play features Iachimo, played by Rohan Kenworthy, as a British soldier and Imogen, played by Uzma Hameed, as an Indian princess. At the new Globe Theatre in 2001, a cast of six (including Abigail Thaw, Mark Rylance, and Richard Hope) used extensive doubling for the play.

Was Cymbeline a real person?

In Shakespeare’s original version, however, Cymbeline is a male monarch. If Shakespeare’s Cymbeline is a little known play, the historical figure is even more of an unknown monarch. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are based on existing sources or history, and Cymbeline, too, is loosely based on Cunobeline, a Celtic King.

What does the name Cymbeline mean?

Sun lord
Origin:Greek. Meaning:Sun lord; Sun hound.

Is Cymbeline female?

How do you pronounce Cymbeline?

Although the given pronunciation sim-buh-leen gives you enough information to sound out the syllables, a click to the loudspeaker symbol alongside the word Cymbeline tells you right out loud whether you’re looking at short or long vowel sounds.

Why is Cymbeline a tragedy?

Tragicomedy. Cymbeline is often called a “problem play” because it defies traditional categories of genre. Many Shakespeare critics settle on calling it a “tragicomedy” since the first three acts of the play feel like mini-tragedy, while the play’s second half feels like a comedy.

How do you pronounce Rosalind?

Pronunciation of Rosalind ‘ROS’ to rhyme with ‘because’; short a to rhyme with ‘sup’; ‘lind’ with short i as in ‘kin’. Stress is on the first syllable.

Is Cymbeline a tragicomedy?