Who is Sarah Belhasa?

Sarah Belhasa, who runs a chain of successful fashion stores, speaks to Bride.

What ethnicity is Rashed Belhasa?

Rashed Belhasa Wiki

Name Rashed Belhasa
Nationality Emirati
Ethnicity Arab
Profession YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Father Saif Ahmed Belhasa

Who is Rashed Belhasa father?

Saif Ahmed Belhasa
He is the youngest son of the billionaire and an international business tycoon- Saif Ahmed Belhasa.

How old is Rsbelhasa?

Rashed was born on 5 January 2002, in Dubai, UAE in an Islam family and now in 2022, he is 20 years old. he is an Emirati by Nationality. The full Name of Rashed is Rashed Belhasa and people call him Rashed.

How can I contact Saif Ahmed Belhasa?

Contact Section

  1. HEAD OFFICE : Saif Belhasa Holding. 113 Al Waha St – Dubai. United Arab Emirates.
  2. CALL US : +971 4 324 3335.
  3. EMAIL US : [email protected].

Who is Saif Ahmed?

Saif Ahmed Belhasa is the father of famous rich Dubai Kid, Rashed Belhasa. Saif Ahmed is a business tycoon known to be an Arab Emirati entrepreneur with other lucrative businesses in UAE. He was born in Dubai in 1966. Saif Ahmed Belhasa is the CEO of the multiple award-winning Belhasa International Company.

Is Saif Belhasa Indian?

Born on April 20 in 1996, Saif Ahmed Belhasa is Emirati but nationality but also is in possession of American citizenship. He is 55 years old and according to his birth date, his star sign is Taurus….Saif Ahmed Belhasa Personal Life Info & More.

Date of Birth/Birthday 20 April 1966
Religion Islam

Who is Rashid Bilasa?

Born Rashed Belhasa, he also collects luxury cars like Rolls-Royces, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and lives with his billionaire father in a house with its own exotic zoo.

Where is Saif Ahmed Belhasa from?

Saif Ahmed Belhasa was born in 1966, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After graduating from ‘Al Ain University’ in 1988, he went on to pursue higher education in the United States of America. After returning to Dubai, Belhasa joined his father’s company, which was established in the 1960s.

What does Saif Belhasa own?

Saif Belhasa Holding is running over 50+ business divisions and more than 10,000 staff across various sectors ranging from transportation, travel & tourism, advertising, fashion retail, restaurant franchises through to real estate, building/construction materials and many more.

How many shoes does Money Kicks have?

Rashed Belhasa (AKA ‘Money Kicks’) actually has over 500 sneakers.

What is the net worth of Saif Ahmed Belhasa?

Rashed Belhasa is quite popular as an influencer known as his stage name “Money Kicks”, his net worth is estimated to be $1Million, he is famous for his cast collection of limited edition shoes like the Yeezys, Bapes, and Air Jordans.