Who is the biggest retailer in the USA?

Largest Retailers in the US

  • The latest data from the National Retail Federation shows that Walmart continues to lead as the top US retailer.
  • In 2020, the company brought in retail sales of $430.82 billion in the US—an 8.7 percent year-over-year increase.
  • Walmart is expected to see even stronger growth in 2021.

Who is the largest US retailer in 2021?

Top 100 Retailers, 2021 Edition

  • #1 Walmart. For the fourth year in a row Walmart tops this ranking, with 14% of the retail market.
  • #2 Amazon.
  • #3 CVS Health.
  • #4 Costco Wholesale.
  • #5 Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Who has the most retail stores in America?

In that year, Dollar General operated 17,348 stores throughout the United States. Walmart was the leading retailer based on U.S. retail sales in 2020….Number of U.S. stores of leading retailers in the United States in 2020.

Characteristic Number of stores

How many US retailers are in 2020?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of Q3 2020, there were 1,045,422 retail establishments in the United States, up 4,801 versus Q2 2020, representing the highest Q3 establishment count in the last decade.

Who are the top 10 retailers in the US?

Top 100 Retailers 2021 List

Rank Company 2020 worldwide retail sales (billions)
1 Walmart $543.17
2 Amazon.com $263.16
3 The Kroger Co. $131.57
4 The Home Depot $129.89

Who is the most profitable retailer?

Retail industry In terms of retail, the leading company in the world was Walmart, which generated retail sales of up to 530 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

Who is the biggest retailer?

Based on retail sales generated in the financial year 2020, Walmart was by far the world’s leading retailer with retail revenues reaching over 559 billion U.S. dollars. Many of the world’s leading retailers are American companies. Walmart and Amazon are examples of American retailers doing business around the world.

How big is the US retail market?

6.5 trillion U.S. dollars
The world’s leading retail markets In 2021, the total retail market of the United States reached a revenue of over 6.5 trillion U.S. dollars.

Who are the biggest retailers in North America?

North America: leading retailers 2019, by retail revenue In 2019, Walmart was North America’s leading retailer with retail sales amounting to nearly 524 billion U.S. dollars. Amazon followed, reaching 158.4 billion U.S. dollars in sales.

What are the top 10 retailers in the US?

New York: 99 Cent Dreams. 2 W 46th St.,Located in Midtown,this 99 Cent Dreams store has landed some rave reviews.

  • Los Angeles: Daiso Japan. This discount store in the Koreatown neighborhood has over 250 Yelp reviews.
  • Chicago: Dollar Tree.
  • Houston: Dollar Tree.
  • Phoenix: Dollar Tree.
  • Philadelphia: Dollar Tree.
  • San Antonio: Dollar Tree.
  • What are the largest retailers in the United States?

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    What are the largest retail companies in the US?

    Kroger moved from sixth to third,giving the U.S.

  • Costco held its ranking behind Walmart,as the second largest retail company in the world.
  • Walgreens and Target switched places with the 10th and 11th rankings.
  • Amazon rose from 15th to#12th,and now there are only half dozen physical retail chains that generate more revenue than the Largest U.S.
  • What are the top retail stores in the US?

    United States, Seattle: 4 Schwarz Gruppe: Discount Store 121,581 Germany, Neckarsulm: 5 Kroger: Supermarket 117,527 3,078 United States, Cincinnati: 6 Walgreens Boots Alliance: Drug Store/Pharmacy 110,673 5,031 United States, Deerfield: 7 The Home Depot: Home Improvement 108,203 11,121 United States, Atlanta: 8 Aldi: Discount Store 106,175