Who is the female referee in tonights snooker?

Since passing the examination to become an international snooker referee, she has officiated ranking event finals and served as a referee at the World Snooker Championship. She refereed her first Triple Crown final at the 2022 Masters….

Desislava Bozhilova
Occupation Snooker referee
Years active 2012–present

Who is the blonde female referee in snooker?

BRAZILIAN referee Fernanda Colombo received an “immoral sexual proposal” to work as an an escort after a video of her went viral. The stunning blonde official, 30, hit the headlines this week after she hilariously trolled a player during a charity match.

Who are the current snooker referees?


  • Erik Amberg.
  • Desislava Bozhilova ( BUL )
  • Terry Camilleri.
  • Paul Collier ( WAL ) – officiated for the 2004 and 2016 World finals.
  • Greg Coniglio.
  • Alex Crișan.
  • Kevin Dabrowski.
  • Nico De Vos.

Who is the female referee at the Crucible?

Tatiana Woollaston She officiated on television for the first time at the 2015 Welsh Open and earned a place at the Crucible in 2020, refereeing a World Championship match for the first time. Woollaston has a degree in economics and is married to professional player Ben Woollaston.

Who is the hot female referee?

Claudia Romani is a 34-year-old model and was regarded as the world’s sexiest referee. She is qualified to umpire fixtures in Italy’s Serie A and Serie B. She has appeared on covers like GQ and Maxim.

Who is the redhead female snooker referee?

Desislava has become one of the leading referees on the circuit in recent years and has taken charge of several ranking event finals including the German Masters, Players Championship and English Open. Growing up in her hometown of Sliven, she played pool and snooker before becoming a referee.

What has happened to Hazel Irvine?

Personal life. Irvine married her long-term boyfriend at a private ceremony in Scotland in 2008. The couple live in London with their daughter. Away from television, Irvine is the honorary president of the Dumbarton FC Supporters’ Association.

Who is Tatiana woollaston?

Tatiana Woollaston (born Tatiana Torchilo, alternative spelling Tatiana Tarchyla, Belarusian: Таццяна Тарчыла, 8 November 1986 in Pinsk, Soviet Union) is a professional snooker referee. She is an official referee of the WPBSA, EASB, EBSA and BSF.

Who are the female snooker referees?

At the time of writing, Tabb is the only female snooker referee to take charge of the World Snooker Championship final – achieving that feat in 2009 and 2012. A high-profile female referee for the best part of five years, Tatiana Woollaston started off refereeing amateur events in Belarus in 2008.

Why is Elena Bozhilova the best female snooker referee?

Bozhilova has been known to credit Michaele Tabb with eradicating sexism in snooker, heaping praise on the two-time World Championship final referee on more than one occasion. With the chance to travel the world, Bozhilova loves snooker and the lifestyle – and she could dominate the female snooker referee landscape for years to come.

How long has Tabb been refereeing snooker?

Tabb officiated on the professional tour for 14 years, becoming the first woman to officiate at a ranking snooker tournament in 2002. In addition, Tabb became the first women to referee a ranking tournament final five years later as she took charge of the 2007 Welsh Open final.

Are there more women in snooker than ever before?

Nowadays, there are more women in snooker than ever before – with a number of female snooker referees now taking centre stage at the biggest snooker tournaments.