Who is the most important character in Great Expectations?

As the focus of the bildungsroman, Pip is by far the most important character in Great Expectations: he is both the protagonist, whose actions make up the main plot of the novel, and the narrator, whose thoughts and attitudes shape the reader’s perception of the story.

Who are the main characters in the beginning of Great Expectations?

Character List

  • Pip. The protagonist and narrator of Great Expectations, Pip begins the story as a young orphan boy being raised by his sister and brother-in-law in the marsh country of Kent, in the southeast of England.
  • Estella.
  • Miss Havisham.
  • Abel Magwitch (“The Convict”)
  • Joe Gargery.
  • Jaggers.
  • Herbert Pocket.
  • Wemmick.

Who is the central character of the Great Expectations?

Pip, the central character of the novel, meets many other people who affect his life for better or worse. They influence his upbringing, his attitudes, his emotions and, most importantly, his financial position.

Is Estella a main character?

Like the protagonist, Pip, Estella is introduced as an orphan, but where Pip was raised by his sister and her husband to become a blacksmith, Estella was adopted and raised by the wealthy and eccentric Miss Havisham to become a lady….Estella (Great Expectations)

Spouse Bentley Drummle

Who is the villain in Great Expectations?

In Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations, Orlick is portrayed as a recurring villain. He scares Pip as a young boy by insinuating that the Devil, well known to him, lived in the forge and had malevolent intentions for Pip.

What are the major themes of Great Expectations?


  • Ambition and Self-Improvement. The moral theme of Great Expectations is quite simple: affection, loyalty, and conscience are more important than social advancement, wealth, and class.
  • Social Class.
  • Crime, Guilt, and Innocence.
  • Sophistication.
  • Education.
  • Family.

Why is Pip the protagonist in Great Expectations?

As the protagonist of the novel, Pip is driven by a single-minded desire: to become a gentleman in order to win Estella’s heart. Pip’s intelligence and ambition inform the action of other characters such as Magwitch and Miss Havisham, who both see him as a tool to achieve their own desires.

Who is the most forgiving character in Great Expectations?

Joe is the village blacksmith, strong but gentle, kind and forgiving. Though Pip is his wife’s (Mrs Joe) younger brother, he treats Pip like a son.

What is the main message of the novel The Great Expectations?

Great Expectations is the theme of the novel, a story of ambition and disappointment, the chief experiences of Pip whose great expectations drive his life. Some of the most memorable characters in all English literature come alive in Dickens’s Great Expectations, chiefly Pip, the protagonist.

Who is the secret benefactor in Great Expectations?

– Miss Havisham. Miss Havisham is a wealthy, eccentric old woman who lives in a manor called Satis House near Pip’s village. – Abel Magwitch (“The Convict”) A fearsome criminal, Magwitch escapes from prison at the beginning of Great Expectations and terrorizes Pip in the cemetery. – Joe Gargery. – Jaggers. – Herbert Pocket. – Dolge Orlick. – Mrs. – Mr.

What kind of character is Magwitch from Great Expectations?

The character Magwitch is the first character the narrator Pip meets in the novel. The first meeting is not altogether very friendly, vivid ideas about the character are created by Dickens’s description. Magwitch plays the part of a convict imprisoned most likely because of debt.

Who is the character Pip in Great Expectations?

Who Is Pip In Great Expectations? Philip Pirrip, nicknamed Pip, an orphan and the protagonist and narrator of Great Expectations. In his childhood, Pip dreamed of becoming a blacksmith like his kind brother-in-law, Joe Gargery. At Satis House, about age 8, he meets and falls in love with Estella, and tells Biddy that he wants to become a gentleman.

Who is Mr Pocket in Great Expectations?

Mr. Pocket is a great scholar who makes a living selling books (about things like raising children), lecturing, and teaching others. Pip respects Mr. Pocket hugely and asks Miss Havisham to leave him lots of dough in her will.