Who owns Wide Bay Bank?

In 2008, Wide Bay Australia merged with the ASX-listed Mackay Permanent Building Society Limited. On April 1, 2015, Wide Bay Australia became Auswide Bank Ltd, and was Australia’s 10th and Queensland’s third Australian-owned bank that is listed and trading on the ASX.

Is Auswide bank a credit union?

We are pleased to announce that Auswide Bank (ABA) and Queensland Professional Credit Union, trading as Your Credit Union (YCU) have merged following the approval of YCU members in April and other regulatory approvals. The merged entity operates under the name of Auswide Bank from 20 May 2016.

Who is Auswide bank?

Auswide Bank (formerly Wide Bay Australia) is helping Australians achieve home ownership, create wealth, access banking & financial services that make their life easier and help them to protect their assets and loved ones from financial loss or hardship.

Does Auswide Bank have PayID?

Accessible from both Internet Banking and the mobile app. Give your account a PayID to make it super easy for people to pay you.

How do I set up Internet banking with Auswide bank?

Apply for Internet Banking Simply visit a branch or call our Customer Hub on 1300 138 831 between 7AM and 7PM AEST weekdays (excluding Public Holidays) to register for Internet Banking. *Subject to restrictions on individual account type and cleared funds being available.

Why is Wide Bay called Wide Bay?

Wide Bay was the name given by the early European explorer James Cook to a coastal indentation as he was sailing past Double Island Point. As the Port of Maryborough developed during the 19th century Wide Bay became well known as ships passed through the area before entering the Great Sandy Strait and the port.

Which Australian banks use OSKO?

Which banks are using Osko? The Big Four – NAB, CommBank, ANZ and Westpac – are all using NPP and Osko, as are Citigroup, HSBC Bank Australia and Bendigo.

What does OSKO stand for?

Have you seen Osko® in your online banking? You may have seen Osko at the end of your bank transfer, or in your transaction history. It simply means your money has been sent or received fast, no matter the time or day.

What is an Auswide access code?

This code is used for your initial logon only, after which you will be prompted to change your access code to a 4-8 digit code of your own choosing that you will use for all future logons. Change Access Code: You may choose to change your access code from time to time.

How do I increase my daily limit with Auswide bank?

What If I Require A Higher Limit? If you require a limit greater than $25,000 please contact us on 1300 138 831 (Mon-Fri 7am-7pm, excluding Public Holidays) to discuss your options.